Harnessing Unparalleled Rewards to Cultivate, Grow, and Retain Loyalty

Many companies know that cultivating brand loyalty is no longer about pricing and product, which is why they have turned their attention to customer experience. After all, there is value and power in delivering exceptional customer experiences — you can

Why Employee Engagement Platforms Are More Necessary Now Than Ever

The coronavirus pandemic has put remote work in the forefront of commerce as many companies have been forced to consider work-from-home (WFH) and other remote work alternatives to continue operations.  While some employees are no stranger to WFH, for most, the

Welcome to the ‘Rec Room’ – Employee Engagement and Communication Platform

Understand your people’s needs and learn how to boost employee engagement!Studies have shown that businesses with online communication platforms not only inspire but create a culture of interaction and engagement.Today, we are excited to introduce our fully customisable platform, the

Why Personalising User Experience Is the Path to Enhancing Profits

Google those three words — 'personalisation', 'user' and 'experience' — and you'll come up with multiple results about software.Personalised...user experience. But, before you bounce off to a product demo, take a moment to ask and understand: What are its benefits, precisely? How does one go

Next-Best-Action Marketing is the Next Big Thing in Marketing

Newsflash: Your customers are tired of the cacophony of noises, ads, and businesses 'pushing' their agenda on them. According to a study by Nielsen, "Global Trust in Advertising," consumers are instead basing their decisions on multiple points of access.Source: NielsenIn fact, there is

Digital Rewards Platforms vs. Physical Rewards Programs

Running a rewards program for repeat customers is a great way to encourage more sales, improve the customer experience and build customer loyalty. Loyal customers spend up to 67% more than new customers, so it’s important to keep them coming back.When

How to Boost Awareness and Promote Your Customer Rewards Program

Setting up a customer rewards program is one thing but building awareness and engagement in the long term is something else entirely. Take a look at our easy guide to boosting awareness and to promoting your loyalty rewards program for

Building a great workplace culture through Employee Recognition Programs

Gym memberships, unlimited vacation, chef-cooked meals, a gourmet snack bar, free beer on Fridays, video games in the employee lounge — the list goes on. These are just some of the 'perks' new companies, startups with a 'supportive workplace culture',

The Rise of Mobile Payments in Australia

Australians: What's in your 'digital wallet'?Pretty soon, it could be the entire contents of your physical wallet, digitised. From loyalty cards and rewards programs to transit tickets, IDs and more. The digital or 'eWallet' is on the rise and is

The surprising importance of a Loyalty Platform

Long gone are the days when a heartfelt "Enjoy your purchase" and a cheery "Have a nice day!" were the only things your business needed in order to keep customers coming back. When a pat on the back and a