Digital Learning in the Workplace

Turning every employee into a thriving learner In-tune business leaders understand the value of having every member of their team aligned with their brand’s goals. Employees who embrace the mission, vision, and values of an organisation help contribute to its

How to Make Every Digital Payment Count

One digital payment at a time If anyone could unseat Saudi’s Aramco from its spot as the highest IPO debut, it would be Jack Ma’s Ant. Even though it’s only selling about 11% of its shares, experts value the online

Employee Recognition Ideas for Christmas

Employee recognition is more important than ever COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on our world this year. Businesses shut down, people got laid off, and some lost their jobs altogether. In this changing world, it’s now more important than ever for

Wellness at Work is More Than Just a Buzzword

What is wellness? At a global level we await a solution to end this madness as countries race to find both medicines and vaccines for the COVID-19 pandemic. With life settling into the new normal, wellness at work has never

Find Out What Type of Workplace Culture You Have

What is workplace culture? One of three definitions the Merriam-Webster Dictionary provides for culture is, “the customs, arts, social institutions, and achievements of a particular nation, people, or other social group.” Does the workplace truly fit this definition? Absolutely. Workplaces

Motivate & Inspire with Employee Rewards and Recognition Programs

Understanding Rewards and Recognition As the landscape of employee Rewards continues to change, employers search for ways to create innovate existing Rewards and Recognition efforts to keep employees engaged and satisfied. Employees who feel valued are more productive and engaged with

Create, Implement and Test a Customer Experience Strategy

A customer experience strategy is crucial Brands can come up with the best marketing campaigns on the planet and still fail to prosper. All the bells and whistles and flashy advertisements promising free and discounted products only get companies so

Have You Refreshed Your HR Strategy?

HR strategic plan.. The strategic importance of human resource planning cannot be underestimated. A cohesive, organisational strategy is an invaluable resource in itself. An effective HR strategy provides a roadmap to create value through your organisation’s workforce. It includes guidelines for your

The Untold Benefits of Success Built on Core Values

Personal values are changing Recently, employees have started leaving their high-paid, corporate jobs. They are turning over a new leaf and looking for more meaningful work. These employees are unhappy in their current role. They don’t always understand why, but they

Making Tiered Memberships Work for Your Business

Building long-term loyalty with tiered memberships Tiered memberships are a hot commodity among enterprise companies that fully grasp the power of Loyalty Programs. Customers might appreciate periodic sales and discounts, but these are not the kind of perks that encourage