4 Ways an Employee Benefit Platform boosts your business

In a world of rapidly-morphing job markets, you may find yourself constantly on the run to ensure your business has a steady and reliable pool of skilled employees. Long gone are the days where loyal workers would keep clocking in

Why a Rewards Platform is the sure-fire way to nourish relationships

Who Doesn't Enjoy Receiving Rewards? The mechanism of behaviour/reward is something that is hard-wired into our systems, and many psychologists would argue that it forms the basis of everything we do. Therefore. dispensing rewards to your customers, members, and staff

How gamification kicks your business into high gear

Traditional Marketing is Dead. Well, at least it almost is!In this super-fast, technologically-hyped-up modern age, businesses can no longer cast a wide net over their target audience via mass-marketing methods and then lie in wait for customers to swim into