Have You Refreshed Your HR Strategy?

HR strategic plan.. The strategic importance of human resource planning cannot be underestimated. A cohesive, organisational strategy is an invaluable resource in itself. An effective HR strategy provides a roadmap to create value through your organisation’s workforce. It includes guidelines for your

The Untold Benefits of Success Built on Core Values

Personal values are changing Recently, employees have started leaving their high-paid, corporate jobs. They are turning over a new leaf and looking for more meaningful work. These employees are unhappy in their current role. They don’t always understand why, but they

Making Tiered Memberships Work for Your Business

Building long-term loyalty with tiered memberships Tiered memberships are a hot commodity among enterprise companies that fully grasp the power of Loyalty Programs. Customers might appreciate periodic sales and discounts, but these are not the kind of perks that encourage

Top 3 Customer Engagement Ideas with Gamification

What is gamification? One of the best methods for increasing customer engagement is gamification – the addition of game elements to non-game activities. While gamification is a relatively new term, the concept behind its success is not. Making any task

How to Be a Good Leader in Today’s World

Creating a culture of good leaders As the world stood by earlier this year watching a global pandemic unfold, it became clearer than ever that a good leader was going to be paramount to surviving the crisis. If one thing

Join the Cashless Movement with eWallet Technology

The demand for eWallet technology is rising As cash payments dwindle, the growing demand for digital wallet technology, or rather, eWallet technology, rises. Mobile payments are on the rise, with pre-coronavirus projections estimating more than 1 billion users in 2020.

The Power of Employee Benefits

Employee benefits unlock a powerful EVP In today’s highly temperamental environment, there is far greater pressure on organisations to deliver a powerful employee value proposition. Not only to attract and retain talent, but to establish a culture that can withstand

Unpacking the Key Components of Gamification

The ‘how to’ of gamification In today’s technologically-hyped-up modern age, emerging technology sets a new standard for the way in which organisations must allocate their resources in order to successfully engage, connect and inspire their stakeholders. This is where gamification

Guide to Building Resilience in the Workplace

Resilience in the Workplace During Uncertain Times In these uncertain times, resilience in the workplace has never been more important. Company leaders and managers must look after their employees to help them be more resilient, to maintain their confidence and

How to Drive Workplace Wellness

Prioritising workplace wellness If there’s one thing that the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us, it’s that now more than ever, wellness in the workplace needs to a priority for employers. This pandemic has shifted almost every aspect of our day-to-day