Corporate Team Building Activities

Building a unified workplace Team building activities are a results-driven effort, consisting of exercises that are fun and motivational while building on essential skills like communication, conflict resolution, planning, and problem-solving. The corporate world is full of feel-good buzzwords, designed

Becoming a Customer-Centric Business

What is a customer-centric business? In a nutshell, being a customer-centric business, means placing customers needs, wants and desires at the core of your businesses model. Every ad campaign, every digital marketing strategy, and every customer experience offered by your

How to Provide Employee Feedback

Leveraging the power of employee feedback Are you getting the best out of your team? Businesses thrive when employees feel valued, as this encourages productivity and loyalty. However, when it comes to giving employee feedback, many managers are surprisingly unsure

Quick Workplace Tips for 2020

Navigating workplace uncertainty As we navigate this global pandemic, we as a collective feel the impacts and brace the fear of uncertainty. Social isolation and fear for personal and family health seems to be the foundation for this new workplace

Card Linked Offers Take Proximity Marketing to the Next Level

Make room for Card Linked Offers & Proximity Marketing The world of marketing moves fast. Growing alongside innovations in technology, new, convenient and exciting ways to engage and retain your customers are coming online. Your customers expect nothing less than

How to Take a 360 Approach to Employee Wellbeing

Employee wellbeing in 2020 The sudden implications caused by COVID-19 means that businesses must ready themselves to meet the new challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the post-pandemic, intensely digital, business environment. Employee wellbeing must now be prioritised within

How to Use Personalisation to Grow & Engage Your Audience

Personalisation is key When looking to engage with relevance, personalisation is key. Personalisation is used to create immersive, tailored experiences for set audiences, whilst promoting company goals and values. Boosting brand loyalty and increasing customer engagement comes down to how

Overcoming Barriers to Employee Connection During COVID-19

COVID-19 is challenging employee connection As the COVID-19 virus spreads rapidly around the world, businesses and industries have struggled to quickly adapt to shifts in the global supply chain and the new reality of a remote workforce. As restrictions sway

How to Drive Brand Loyalty by Enhancing Customer Experiences

Valuable customer experiences = brand loyalty Many companies know that cultivating brand loyalty is no longer about pricing and product, which is why they have turned their attention toward delivering exceptional customer experiences – better yet, exceptional user experiences. After

Why Employee Engagement is More Necessary Now Than Ever

Targeting employee engagement for remote workers The coronavirus pandemic has put remote work in the forefront of commerce as many companies have been forced to consider work-from-home (WFH) and other remote work alternatives to continue operations. Whilst this change was inevitably going