Digital Rewards Platforms vs. Physical Rewards Programs

Why you need a Rewards Programs Running a Rewards Program for repeat customers is a great way to encourage more sales, improve the customer experience and build customer loyalty. Loyal customers spend up to 67% more than new customers, so

How to Boost Awareness and Promote Your Customer Loyalty Program

Supporting your Customer Loyalty Program Setting up a Customer Loyalty Program is one thing but building awareness and engagement in the long term is something else entirely. Take a look at our easy guide to boosting awareness and to promoting

Building a Great Workplace Culture with Employee Recognition Programs

Employee Recognition Programs are leading the way Gym memberships, unlimited vacation, chef-cooked meals, a gourmet snack bar, free beer on Fridays, video games in the employee lounge — the list goes on. These are just some of the ‘perks’ new

The Rise of Digital Payments in Australia

What is a digital payment? To simplify things before we get into the grit of it, a digital payment refers to any ‘non-cash transaction’. A digital payment is when a payment is made through a digital mode. When making a

The Importance of Loyalty Programs

What Loyalty Programs do for your business If you’re looking to grow your customer base, drive member engagement, encourage repeat purchases, and foster deep, unshakeable brand loyalty, then a Loyalty Program is the way to go. Why? Because Australians love

Why a Customer Loyalty Program is a Must for Your Business

Customer Loyalty Programs 101 Sometimes a Customer Loyalty Program may seem like an insignificant slice of business pie. After all, you are focussed on pushing sales and growth, right? And that means you have to concentrate solely on outreach, new

How an eWallet Gives Your Business the Competitive Edge

Times are changing Our modern lives are becoming progressively digitised. If businesses embrace that, the benefits are plentiful – and here’s why. The incredible advances in technology have streamlined and simplified our day to day lives and experiences. We can

Using Rewards and Recognition to Boost Business

Rewards VS Recognition Rewards and Recognition are used to motivate employees to improve or change work habits so that they align with their employers objectives and values. Before we go any further – yes – there is a difference between

The Best Loyalty Programs Know How to Use Rewards

Loyalty Programs: What you need to know One of our most basic services is our Loyalty Program. Through it, you have the ability to offer Rewards that are tailored to the specific interests of the many people who interact with

Looking at Gamification Through a Marketer’s Lens

What is gamification? Gamification is exactly what it sounds like. Gamification takes the best elements of game playing (referred to as “game mechanics” in technical terms) and applies them to subject matter or businesses that would be generally considered “un-game-like”