Employee Recognition

Establish a workplace culture which sets your organisational success

Through a range of integrated touch points and triggers, our award and recognition solution increases employee motivation, rewards positive behaviours and boosts staff satisfaction and loyalty across all levels of your business.

Feed, Groups, Events & Chats
Peer-to-peer awards
Points, badges & tiers

Personalised work perks

News Feeds, Groups, Events & Chats

From big announcements to smaller success stories, our internal communication feeds ensure all levels of your organisation feel socially connected and aligned to other departments and colleagues. Our social and interactive live feed boosts engagement and participation rates, resulting in a more engaged and positive workplace culture.

  • Responsive and interactive News Feed
  • Create Groups and connect with colleagues
  • Celebrate success stories with Posts, Awards, Polls, Comments and Likes
  • Create and manage Events and company calendar 
  • Instant messaging and Live Chat

Peer-to-peer awards

Social recognition through peer-to-peer nominations and awards strengthen and nurture a workplace culture. Our platform allows organisations to celebrate the success of employees, whilst ensuring company values are clearly communicated and shared.

  • Rewarding achievements with unified points
  • Boosting employee engagement
  • Strengthening workplace relationships
  • Building a culture of recognition and appreciation
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Celebrate your employees and add value with purpose

Points, badges & tiers
Points, badges & tiers

Recognise employees for their ongoing engagement with your platform by offering points, badges or the opportunity to unlock a new tier of benefits. Whether nominating peers, receiving awards, interacting with content or hitting KPIs, employees can accumulate points and redeem for eStore products or personalised work perks.

Employee rewards
Employee rewards

Maximise workplace productivity and become an employer of choice by giving back to your employees with customised employee rewards. Saving thousands on everyday groceries, entertainment, cinemas, travel, golf, dining and more, your workplace platform will add instant value to your employees both in and out of their work life.

Work perks
Work perks

Create your own list of customisable Work Perks relevant to your organisation or department. Whether it’s lunch with the CEO, an extra RDO, or a free coffee from your manager, Work Perks may be designed to fit any strategy and budget. They can further be turned on or off at any time, the choice is yours.

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