Engagement & Gamification

Influence user journey and personalise every experience

Implement specific rules, triggers and incentivisation metrics to motivate and inspire users to drive desired actions and transactions.

Issue reward mechanisms such as points, badges & tiers
Track & recognise activity, attendance, reviews or ratings
Personalise content that aligns with user actions and events
Integrate with smart devices & link to social media networks

Gamification mechanics in action

Gamification is the concept of applying gaming mechanics to motivate users to further engage with your products, services and brand. It leverages their natural desires for engagement through socialising, learning, achieving status levels and belonging to a dynamic community.

Ultimately the introduction of gamification into an organisation’s ecosystem results in user stickiness and improves direct channel opportunities to a more satisfied user base.

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Dynamic rules and decisioning engine

Rules and triggers may be personalised subject to behavioural, transactional, locational and or social metrics, whilst being contextualised and communicated specific to a user segment or demographic.

Implementing specific rules and triggers not only drives engagement, but it also provides users with a fully personalised brand experience.

Beyond this, the completion of the pre-set rules and triggers instantly gratifies users for their actions.

Points and other relevant incentive metrics can also be issued in real-time and redeemed instantly by the user.

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Points engine that inspires

The significance of points within today’s loyalty industry is increasing across organisations globally, and as a result, points have become the most recognised currency for engagement and loyalty to a brand.

Our points engine provides organisations with the ability to incorporate points as a measure of engagement, whilst incentivising customers, inspiring staff or motivating members to transact with a specific brand, product or service.

  • Create your own internal points currency
  • Award upon engagement, achievement or transaction
  • Points can be redeemed for value at your discretion
  • Fully integrated into third party infrastructure
  • Data that offers deep insight into customer behaviours
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Campaign & communicate with relevance

Enhance your brand message with truly personalised, relevant and emotional communications during a user’s decision journey.

Our platform enables organisations to optimise stakeholder relations and digital impact through a range of communication tools and integration opportunities.

  • Multimedia channels including EDMs & SMS
  • Social media integration
  • User and group segmentation
  • AB testing
  • Marketing & re-targeting
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Analytics & insights

Data and analytics deliver deep insights that can change fundamental views on commercial strategy or consumer engagement propositions.

By understanding user’s needs and behaviours, you can make informed decisions to build data-driven strategies that deliver succinct communications and interactions to your audience.

Our team of data analysts deliver valuable insights to help create synergy between your program, business goals and desired user journey.

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