All-in-one secure Payment Gateway

Transact using multiple payment methods and rest assured that security is our priority with our 3DSecure, nominal verification protocols and PCI-DSS Level 1 certifications.

Credit, Debit, BPAY, DD
Scheduled & Recurring
Billing & Reconciliation
Open & Closed loop, P2P & QR

Bill Pay & Supplier Programs

EonX delivers a fully integrated payments, loyalty and trade finance platform across the supply chain, delivering the desired interconnected experience that influences user journey whilst personalising and incentivising each payment. 

Through this platform, EonX unifies payments and rewards in order to drive customer retention and loyalty to your brand. 

  • Secure payment gateway and reconciliation services
  • Cost effective capital management 
  • Points earn and customer loyalty
  • Monetise platform with additional revenue streams
  • Administration and analytics portal
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Alternative Payments & Merchant Acquiring

EonX has developed proprietary marketplace software which has been implemented onto leading global EFTPOS infrastructure, adding instant value to merchants and customers alike.

This proprietary development has enabled banks and global acquirers to promote alternative payments into existing EFTPOS infrastructure, enabling merchants to seamlessly transact with closed loop, wallet, QR and loyalty agnostic payment methods.

  • On-terminal and online merchant acquiring
  • Accept international Wallet & QR payments
  • Process open & closed loop payments
  • Gift Card & stamp card issuing
  • Dynamic loyalty offer creation
  • Marketplace & campaign management
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Scheme Card Issuing

Create and manage debit cards in real-time…

Generate single or multi-use debit cards which can be branded and allocated to individual staff, customers or members, for personal, business and cost centre expenses.


  • On-demand branded virtual & physical cards
  • Set and manage payment limits
  • Expense management for Business
  • Provision for Card Linked Offers (CLO)
  • Apple Pay & Google Pay enabled
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Subscription & Scheduled Payments

Deliver an integrated solution which allows for subscriptions, renewals and secure payments to co-exist. 

Business and service providers are looking for seamless transactional processing whilst adding instant value to their stakeholders.

Our omni-channel payments engine together with our SKU level reconciliation automation, empowers business to operate more efficiently in a highly fragmented and legacy driven payments industry.


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Claims & Benefit Payments

Our bespoke claims marketplace platform enables stakeholders to transact in a closed loop ecosystem, keeping customer journey in-line with a claims process, and a service provider paid with ease and transparency.

  • Service provider approved marketplace
  • Instant funds settlement & reconciliation
  • B2B / P2P / Alternative Payments
  • Create rules for settlement
  • eCommerce & in-store connectivity

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