Building motivation in the workplace through employee recognition

May 27, 2021

Building motivation in the workplace through employee recognition

Learn how employee recognition in the workplace helps employers motivate their employees and how to enable employers and employees to nominate, award, and Hi-5 one another.

How Recognition in the Workplace Helps Motivate Employees

Nothing says “I appreciate your service” more than gifting employee rewards. Using a good employee recognition program to provide employee benefits helps employees feel more appreciated for the work they do. Employee benefits also motivate staff to be more productive in the workplace. Implementing a good employee rewards program can mean the difference between workers hanging around a gloomy office staring at the clock just waiting to go home and happy energetic workers in an upbeat atmosphere eager to enhance their job performance.

Why Employee Retention is Important

Statistics show that many good employees leave their jobs because they don’t feel appreciated. It doesn’t cost much for a good employee reward and recognition program, but it costs a lot to lose a good employee. In fact, according to studies, losing a productive employee can cost a lot more than using an employee recognition program to give out employee rewards. Here is what it costs when a good employee leaves:

Loss of Productivity

Losing an employee may reduce productivity since there is nobody to fulfill the missing employee's job duties. Thus, even after you find someone to take over the role it will take a while before they are productive.

Finding a New Employee

This is not so easy to do since you want to ensure you find someone qualified enough to fulfill the job duties. You can either pay to run an ad on a job board or pay an employment agency, even more, to help find you a good staff member.

Training a New Employee

Somebody in-house has to train the new employee, which will put their job on hold.

Benefits of Using the EonX Suite of Staff Rewards and Recognition Solutions

EonX offers a suite of programs that delivers great staff rewards and benefits, provide employee recognition, and promote good health and wellbeing. Here are just some of the many benefits you will enjoy when using the EonX employee rewards program:

Reward Your Employees With Personalised Rewards

Show your employees that you know them better than they thought by providing them with personalised rewards.

Use Badges, Points, Tiers, and Milestones to Recognise Employee Efforts

Create a point, tier, or milestone system that will empower employees to move up the achievement ladder and reach higher levels. They can receive badges and win points that can be accumulated then redeemed for eStore perks and products.

Provide Your Employees with Customised Work Perks

Create diverse customised work perks designed to fit any budget and strategy that is relevant to your department or organisation.

EonX is the Best Solution for Employee Retention

Empower your employees to perform better with the EonX employee rewards program and enjoy a win/win situation; where your employees win by feeling more appreciated and receiving great rewards, and you win by gaining growth and success.

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