Corporate Team Building Activities

Oct 09, 2020

Corporate Team Building Activities

Building a unified workplace

Team building activities are a results-driven effort, consisting of exercises that are fun and motivational while building on essential skills like communication, conflict resolution, planning, and problem-solving.
The corporate world is full of feel-good buzzwords, designed to promote collaboration and teamwork in the workplace. Team building activities is one of the most recent terms being tossed about, with everyone from small businesses to large corporations getting in on the trend. And, why not? Evidence does support the notion that endorsing an environment where teammates feel connected and cohesive increases productivity and long-term satisfaction in their duties and work environment.
With COVID-19 forcing many teams to now work remotely, it is more important than ever to help workers feel connected even when they are physically distanced from one another. Remote work comes with the challenge of finding creative ways to collaborate and communicate while preventing feelings of isolation. Roughly 20 per cent of workers polled in the State of Remote Report 2020 said the biggest challenges of working remotely involved collaboration and communication, with another 20 per cent indicating feelings of loneliness while working outside the office.
While working remotely can pose challenges to team building, it is not impossible. Some exercises can be done on the company premises or from remote locations that will effectively pull your team together.

Team building activities

Whether working remotely or on-premises, a healthy workforce is a happier and more productive team. Research has shown that physically fit individuals who are provided with the tools and time to devote to their health and wellbeing are more productive. Companies that offer employee wellness programs can capitalise on them by making them a challenging team building activity.
EonX’s Health & Wellness Platform is a great way to track team progress on a wellness-focused activity that can be done in the company office or in-home offices. It can be used to effectively facilitate team building activities in the form of exercise challenges and programs. Colleagues can track one another’s progress, offering encouragement to teammates to stay fit and healthy whilst connecting with their peers and building better relationships.
The Platform provides access to a range of resources such as blogs, articles, workout videos, meditations and more. A perfect wellness-focused team building exercise would be practising mindfulness, which has been shown to improve attention, behaviour, and focus. Teammates could set a goal of engaging in activities that promote mindfulness each day, encouraging each other to gradually increase the amount of time spent involved in those activities. This can easily be done on-site or at-home, making it the perfect team building activity that can help to connect workforces, regardless of their location.
Another challenging team building exercise could involve urging employees to either bike in to work each day or, for remote workers, to bike a set number of metres each day. To add a little teamwork to the effort, workers could be paired up and share the daily requirement of meeting the task. The Health & Wellness Platform’s interactive challenges, programs and goals can be paired with wearable devices, allowing colleagues to track and share their progress. This can elicit good old-fashioned peer pressure to improve health and wellness. Nothing says team spirit like a little healthy competition among mates.
Facilitate team building activities via the Health & Wellness Platform so that employees can access meditations, workout videos and more.

Team bonding activities

Making connections is important when working as a team. Whether your mates are on-premises or scattered across the globe, these exercises will foster inclusion.
The ‘winner-loser’ game takes about five minutes to complete. The objective is to bond with a partner over a negative life experience. Teammate A shares an unpleasant personal or work experience they had at any point in their life with Teammate B. After telling the story, Partner A will retell it, only they will focus on the positive aspects of the experience. Partner B can help them explore the ‘silver lining’ before switching roles. This exercise is great because it can be done on-premises or remotely, so no one on the team is excluded.
Another great bonding team-builder is the ‘Truth and Lies’ game. Ideally, you should have at least five employees to play this game. If at work, everyone can sit in a circle, or in working remotely, they can join an online meetup. The object of the game is for each member of the team to share two truths and one lie about themselves. Then, their teammates get to guess which things are true and which one is the fabrication. This exercise is great for helping build trust and eliminating the kind of snap judgements that colleagues sometimes make about each other.
EonX’s Rec Room Platform is an all-in-one employee engagement, communication and recognition platform that is the ideal way to facilitate group team building activities. The Groups function can be utilised to allocate employees into their relevant teams or departments, whereby hosting team building activities that are accessible on-site or remotely.
Teammates can connect through real-time messaging, as well as through creating and accessing Quizzes and Polls, and then using the ‘Nominate’ function to recognise coworkers for particular customised Awards and Perks that align with the company’s values.
Online facilitation of team building activities for employees.

A final word on team building

Communication and trust are two factors that help build a strong team. When team building exercises are tailored to your company’s mission and vision, a more comfortable, successful, and productive workplace will result.
EonX serves as your strategic partner. Our team will work with you to facilitate unique team building activities, to help build a sustainable and harmonious culture that seamlessly embeds into your own branded platform. Your employees will develop a sense of culture and comradery that sticks with them whether they are working on-site or remotely.

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