Delivering employee benefits that resonate

May 20, 2021

Delivering employee benefits that resonate

Employee reward and recognition are a key part of any successful organisation. Employees are the people who can make or break a company, so celebrating their success, recognising their value, and prioritising their needs is vital.
In the contemporary workplace, facilitating access to an effective, inclusive and appealing reward scheme can be a challenge, which is where appropriate software can help. If you're looking for an employee benefits software package that delivers a complete solution to your employee reward requirements, read on.

Personalised Reward Scheme

Every employee matters, which is why a personalised experience is important when it comes to rewarding performance, celebrating outstanding achievements, or recognising unique qualities.
It's not just the way in which rewards are given out that needs to be tailored to meet the needs of each user, the rewards themselves also have to include "something for everyone". An integrated software system such as EonX's Reward and Recognition Platform can deliver this and so much more.

Access the Reward Marketplace

We've gathered together a wide selection of discounts, experiences and products from top Australian brands. Our marketplace provides enough variety to suit any audience. The range of rewards can be customised to meet your specific business and budgetary requirements.

Individual Wallet for Each Employee

Many workplaces operate a points-based scheme - employees can accumulate points, which can then be used to purchase a variety of rewards, each of which can be redeemed for a specific number of points.
Our software can be scaled up or down to accommodate workforces of all shapes and sizes.
Each employee can benefit from their own wallet. They can log in whenever they wish to perform activities such as:
- Checking their funds and savings balance. - Redeeming their digital rewards. - Managing their preferred payment methods.

Ensuring Parity Across the Workforce

Using a points-based system and providing a common pool of rewards ensures equity in the rewards process across the organisation.
Contemporary organisations need a reward system that operates in a way that facilitates inclusion, diversity and equity. The EonX system ticks all these boxes, empowering every employee to be rewarded in a meaningful and appropriate manner.

The Power of Choice

A key benefit of our employee reward and recognition platform is that it's designed to give users real choice in the type of reward they choose. Our range of tickets, eStore products, services, online offers and gift cards provide every employee with something that's genuinely meaningful and of value to them. The Rewards Marketplace provides tangible evidence to employees that their employer is providing rewards that are designed to resonate with them.

Versatile Enough for any Reward Environment

The parameters for rewards can be tailored to suit your organisation. Whether you use milestones, KPIs, or company culture, when your employees deliver the outcomes you're looking for, our system lets you reward them, quickly and meaningfully.
Get in touch to request a demonstration of how our software could transform your reward scheme into something that resonates with every employee.

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