Does your marketing strategy need a refresh?

Jan 31, 2021

Does your marketing strategy need a refresh?

A new year means it’s time to refresh your digital marketing strategies and create finely targeted campaigns. EonX can help you implement powerful segmentation, personalisation and localisation strategies aligned with winning loyalty programs.


Marketing segmentation involves dividing a large market into smaller, clearly identifiable segments. Members of each segment share similar characteristics, such as age, geographical location, education, interests or buying habits. Data from analytics reports provide the demographic information needed to define market segments. Segments have long-term characteristics so that you have time to build relationships and provide benefits to members. It would likely be too costly and time-consuming to communicate with and meet the needs of a constantly changing segment. Once you have defined a market segment, you can create loyalty programs that meet segment members’ needs. Does a segment enjoy camping? Discounts at local campgrounds are sure to bring smiles. Whether it’s gift cards or points for dollars, the same analytics that helped you define a segment can help you determine effective loyalty incentives.


Personalisation lets you learn and anticipate a customer’s needs, resulting in improved customer experience. Make sure your strategy includes every device and channel that a customer would use. You don’t want a customer to subscribe to a newsletter on their smartphone and then get a reminder to subscribe on their computer. An analytic platform, which tracks web pages visited and other behavioural data, is a vital tool for personalisation. Customer relationship management (CRM) software stores information gathered from sales calls, contact forms and other sources. It can share this information with other marketing platforms to create a personalised experience. Customers feel appreciated when they receive rewards from bespoke loyalty programs. Imagine, for example, the delight when a customer receives a gift card for their favourite style of clothing or shoes.


Your marketing strategy must consider the customs and needs of your target market location. For example, an Australian would not appreciate content with non-local spellings, such as “organization” instead of “organisation.” Similarly, content showing a December summer scene in Australia would not appeal to a United States customer experiencing winter during the same month. An effective loyalty program will reflect the target market’s location. For example, a pet supply business may have urban customers who live in a large city. A localised loyalty campaign may target people who live in flats and own small dogs or cats.

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