Drive Employee Engagement with Rec Room

Sep 30, 2020

Drive Employee Engagement with Rec Room

What is employee engagement?

Employee engagement means more than you think. It’s not just how often an employee spends doing their work, or how frequently you see them crack a smile – it goes far deeper. It’s the level of purpose, joy and interest they find in their daily tasks, which ultimately determines how they will carry themselves throughout their work life.
So, understand your people’s needs and learn how to boost employee engagement!
Studies have shown that businesses with online communication platforms not only inspire but create a culture of interaction and engagement.
Today, we are excited to introduce our fully customisable platform, Rec Room. Rec Room is our new unified engagement, recognition and communication platform, providing you with the scope and capability you need to harmonise your team members’ efforts, and achieve employee engagement like never before.

Rec Room features

Take a moment and imagine a world where employee engagement can be inspired as they have access to:

Centralised Communications Feed (News Feed) with a focus on fun

Rec Room’s main function is as an effective internal communication feed, delivering news and announcements across your whole organisation.
Everything from major announcements to daily news can be transmitted across this platform. Anyone with access can interact with the live feed, supporting a fun and engaging atmosphere within your company.

Unified platform

Unify and Reward your organisation with peer to peer recognition, making sure that no good deed goes unrewarded.
The result is a connected workforce which understands the value of high-quality work.

Social interface

Bring the functionality and benefit of social media to a contained platform. All users will be able to ‘Post’ status updates of their own and ‘Nominate’ one another for Rewards, among other functions.

Live Chat

Enable users to speak with one another in real-time. Users will be able to conduct one-on-one chat sessions with other accounts or create groups for collaborative communication.
Bringing your organisation together just got a whole lot easier.

Content management

Incentivisation and fun are at the very heart of Rec Room. With this in mind, the platform gives you the opportunity and the capability to create and manage your own content for transmission via the software’s social structure.
What do you want to do to help your users engage? Perhaps you want to create resources specific to your products and services. Maybe you want to provide assistance to staff members for training and development. Or it could be that you want to adopt a multimedia approach, with videos and interactive files.
Rec Room supports all of this, giving you the scope you need to manage your content – whether the content is a newsletter or Quizzes and Polls.

Rec Room advantages

Improved employee engagement through tailored communication

We all want an agile organisation, able to quickly respond to challenges and to stay ahead of the curve. Rec Room supports this by providing completely tailored communication, which you can deliver to a single user or to a whole department.
Enhanced flexibility and capability are the results here; two things no business can do without.

Increased productivity and team morale

Let’s consider the psychology of your team. How do they want to feel? Like their efforts are recognised and rewarded? Or that they are just another face in the corporate crowd?
Of course, the answer is the former. And what does this lead to? By recognising and rewarding great effort, productivity increases, along with a boost to team morale.
For a fully engaged and highly effective team, you need Rec Room on your side.
#### Personalisation to fit company identity and objectives
Your business is your business so you are understandably suspicious of ‘off the peg’ solutions which profess to be all things to all people.
So are we, which is why we built the Rec Room platform with personalisation in mind. You will be able to personalise your feed, and your content, customising it to marry perfectly with your company’s identity and the culture you want to foster.
Of course, you also have your business’s objectives in mind. And, you will be able to mould the platform – and your users’ experience of it – to meet these objectives head-on.
All of this is at your fingertips.

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