Employee Recognition Ideas for Christmas

Nov 06, 2020

Employee Recognition Ideas for Christmas

Employee recognition is more important than ever

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on our world this year. Businesses shut down, people got laid off, and some lost their jobs altogether. In this changing world, it’s now more important than ever for businesses to support employees. And, employee recognition is a great way to start. It shows the employees that the work they do is noticed by the company, and, more importantly, that they, as people, matter to the company. With the holidays coming, the best time to recognise your employees is right around the corner.

Diversity during the holidays

While 52% of Australians identify as Christian, there’s a growing population of non-Christians in the workplace. While workplaces certainly should not shy away from recognising Christmas as a holiday, they need to take a more inclusive approach. Recognising that employees come from different faiths is key to including everyone around the holidays.
Religion can ground employees and remind them of their values. When an employer ignores the different religions of their employees, it’s sending an unintended message to certain staff members that they are not as important as other employees. For example, a company hosting a “Holiday Party,” complete with Christmas Tree, presents, and the Christmas Ham, diminishes religions that do not celebrate with trees or eat pork. As an employer, it’s your responsibility to be inclusive of all religions while planning your end-of-the-year parties.

End-of-the-year employee recognition party ideas

Holiday Parties are a favourite way to end the year, but companies often have a difficult time making them all-inclusive. Businesses are starting to understand this and make the shift away from Holiday Parties to a more inclusive Employee Recognition Party. These parties are an exciting way to bring your staff together and give support to your employees. Recognition Parties put the employees in control, to some degree, and let them opt for rewards that matter to them.
This year, with some employees working from the office and others being remote, it’s more important than ever to get your staff together to share the joys of an end-of-the-year party and take the opportunity to drive employee recognition. EonX’s Rec Room can help your company facilitate this party. The all-in-one platform, complete with Rewards Marketplace, recognises employees and allows them to redeem eGift Cards and more.
Here are six ideas you can use to recognise your employees this holiday season.

Gift Cards

All employees like Gift Cards, but finding ones that are important to everyone in your staff can be difficult. No employee likes to win a Gift Card to a place that they will never use. But, with EonX’s Rec Room, you can be sure your employees will get a Gift Card they will enjoy. The Marketplace allows you to select a variety of Gift Cards and offer them to your employees, allowing them to choose the one most valuable to them.

Company Perks

Employees have different levels of work prioritisation and work goals. Rec Room can provide your company with internal company Perks to offer your employees. For employees looking for their next promotion, mentoring opportunities, an extra RDO, or coffee from their manager will boost their confidence and get them ready to take that next step.

Discounted Local Products

Thriving in today’s economy sometimes means getting an unexpected boost. Through Rec Room, you can work with local businesses to provide discounts to your employees at the places they visit most often.

Peer Awards

Being Nominated for an Award by your peers always brings out the best in an employee. Rec Room’s platform can be customised to your business needs, allowing employees to earn Custom Badges and Perks through your peer-to-peer Nomination system.

Cashback Offers

Allow your employees to earn Cashback when interacting with your brand. By rewarding them with cash, your team will look forward to helping you promote your business. EonX’s Rec Room platform allows interaction among your employees with your brand and other brands they know and love.


Create an eStore that caters to your employees. Let them save on thousands of leading products with earned points or point + pay systems. Customise this store to provide your staff with the best options for them.

Drive employee recognition with EonX

EonX’s Rec Room allows your company to provide employee benefits on a sliding scale budget without much additional cost to your company. Times are tight with the pandemic, and no one can predict what 2021 will bring to the table. But that does not mean companies should eliminate their employee recognition programs. These are needed now, more than ever, to keep employee morale high in these tough times.
These solutions can be used both in the office and with remote employees. By going beyond the traditional “thank you” gift and allowing employees to customise their recognition system, they will feel valued and know that their employer is watching out for them. The loyalty that an employee recognition system can bring is extremely valuable during this pandemic.
This special time of year calls for a special celebratory approach for your employees. It’s time for employee recognition to be at the cornerstone of your business, ensuring everyone feels included and valued during this time.

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