Growing with the times: innovative ways for rewarding customers

May 13, 2021

Growing with the times: innovative ways for rewarding customers

Customers are the life of any business; it is a known fact that if you have no customers you won’t have a business for long. With that in mind, many businesses have a customer loyalty program in place as an incentive for customers to spend with their company. These days customers are not pleased with the spend and get loyalty programs that most companies offer their customers. Gone are the days where people are happy to spend money to get points that take a while to rack up to get rewarded for their loyalty. Luckily there are better options available than what can be known as the general loyalty program and companies need to know in what way they can offer better incentives for their customers. Knowing there are various loyalty programs you can have is the 1st step, choosing which to implement is the next. In order to make this decision you as the business owner will need information on loyalty programs that are not the spend and get loyalty programs that are "the norm".
We will share 3 ways that will allow you to move past what is seen as the traditional loyalty framework and show a new way to reward those who have shown loyalty to your company.
In the world today, customers are looking for more from the companies they show loyalty to. In a sense they want to know the company they are loyal to appreciates their loyalty and are doing more than “the norm” to ensure they are happy and satisfied as a customer. Upgrading the loyalty framework will not only help you stand out as a company but will also bring a better feeling that you care about your customers and the loyalty they show. Here are three different ways you can bring in more consistent engagement, brand loyalty, and reward your customers in a new way that they will enjoy, appreciate, and feel valued as a loyal customer.

Companies Need to Reward Behaviors

As a child, you enjoyed getting praise and rewards for doing the right thing or for exhibiting good behavior. As an adult, the enjoyment is still there, it just comes from different things. There is no greater feeling than knowing a company appreciates you and shows that appreciation by giving rewards. With this type of reward system there are different ways in which you can reward the loyalty of your customers.
Refer a friend: Having a customer refer friends will help spread the name of your business and it will also reward them from doing so. Many customers can spread the word when someone sees something they like or desire and the customer tells them it came from your company. If that customer can get a reward for sharing your company and you gain new business it is a win-win situation.
Social media engagement: Almost everyone that has a mobile device or access to the internet uses social media in some light. If you showcase your company on social media (and why wouldn’t you), you can use this opportunity to allow customers to gain points and rewards for engaging on social media. You can have they do so by tagging your company in some manner, posting products they bought from you on social media so others can see, or even holding a live session with a key phrase in it and having them post that phrase and tag your company. Those who participate will gain points and help share about your company to others.
Attending an event: If you hold an event at your business or somewhere else on behalf of your business you can offer rewards or loyalty points to those who attend and stay; just for showing up! This will possibly help your event a success, it could bring in some income you weren’t expecting, but most importantly your customers are satisfied because they are rewarded in a manner where they don’t have to spend money, they just simply had to show up.
These types of things will influence the journey of your customers and help your business grow. They also help get the word out to others that may not have known about your company or may not have considered your company when in need.

Explore into the World of Experiences

There are many people who enjoy trying new things. If you are able to try something new and gain loyalty points while doing so, this may be a super incentive for those who get excited with new things and also enjoy rewards for being a customer. Here are some ways that you can gain new customers and reward those customers who have been loyal to your company already at the same time.
Competitions: Healthy competition is always a great way to encourage customers to stay active with your company. It may be something as gifting them loyalty points when they tell a certain number of people about your company with documentation. It could be whoever brings 5 or more adults with them to an invite who is not already a customer will gain points; something along those lines where you don’t have to spend money to gain.
Presales: Allowing your loyal customers to have the first opportunity to a sale is huge. Many people enjoy being able to see something first, or have the first opportunity at something that others will want to have. It would be a great way to say thank you to loyal customers without them having to spend money initially to get that thanks.
Giveaways: Gifts are always an amazing bonus. In reality it doesn’t have to be something that is extremely big; a small token can say a lot to a customer and is a great way to show them that you appreciate them.
These things are known to excite existing customers and can also bring into line some things they are passionate about.

Surprise and Delight Your Customers Giving your customers a surprise is always something they will enjoy.

If you hold an event for customers that area part of your loyalty program it will be something they will find as a surprise and will be delighted that you did something for them. This is a great way to say thank you for being loyal and bringing a joyful moment they didn’t expect but deserve as a loyal customer.
These are some amazing ways to bring excitement to the loyalty programs your company can have. While these are great, they are not the only ways you can celebrate your loyal customers. If you are looking for more inventive ways to show your loyal customers, you care you should contact us here at EonX. We are the company that will listen to you and show you amazing ways to help your customers and help grow your company!

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