How to Be a Good Leader in Today’s World

Oct 15, 2020

How to Be a Good Leader in Today’s World

Creating a culture of good leaders

As the world stood by earlier this year watching a global pandemic unfold, it became clearer than ever that a good leader was going to be paramount to surviving the crisis. If one thing is certain, it is that COVID-19 thrust good leadership skills to the forefront. Damage control soon became a necessary skill for all good leaders as they struggled to get hold of the disaster that upended many businesses. Entire countries went into lockdown mode, and customers and employees alike became fearful of being exposed to the deadly virus.
Many leaders who have stood the test of time found themselves challenged by the pandemic. Tried-and-true methods of guidance and governance no longer applied, and leaders who failed to adapt to the changing needs of those charged in their care collapsed under the pressure.
The chaos emphasised the value of good leaders, even as the criteria for what makes a good leader was shifting. Leaders who display any of the following qualities or leadership styles should reconsider their thinking, adapting with the times to provide the level of leadership needed post-pandemic:
- Weaponising fears in an attempt to motivate employees. Most professionals can agree there is more than enough fear to go around without causing additional anxiety for employees. - Failing to ask for advice is a sign of weakness, not greatness. Leaders who assume they have all the answers – especially during a global pandemic – are sure to fail. - Clinging to a ‘groupthink’ concept is doomed to failure. Independent thinkers are what is needed most right now.

What makes a good leader?

This global pandemic has reinforced the notion that creating a culture of good leaders is imperative when establishing a resilient and innovative workforce. Transformational leaders are not afraid of change and are eager to make adjustments to their style when necessary. They lead by example, modelling the behaviours they hope to instil in others.
In a culture of leadership, all great leaders exhibit certain qualities. Below we’ve listed the most crucial leadership qualities, and how EonX’s suite of value-added services can ensure you successfully implement them.

Leadership qualities

1. A good leader practises what they preach

Fewer things poison a workplace culture than having a leader who fails to follow his or her own rules for behaviour and expectations. Leaders who understand the value in reinforcing company culture and values by ‘walking the talk’ are most respected and valued by those placed under their guidance. Teams that regularly observe their leaders practising what they preach – and not just when it is convenient or suits a purpose – will be more willing to buy-in.
One of the ways leaders can ensure they are holding themselves to the same standards is by encouraging their team to communicate any concerns they have if this is not occurring. EonX’s fully customisable employee engagement, recognition and communication platform Rec Room, enhances a team’s ability to more effectively connect and share praise or concerns. The Quizzes and Polls function can be utilised to gather employee opinions and insights, in order to Reward examples of good leadership and address those that need more assistance.

2. A good leader understands the importance of teamwork

Leaders also must remain vigilant and aware of the impact their decisions have on the workplace culture and the organisation as a whole. Being a good leader, means understanding the importance of teamwork, including knowing when to become less of a driving force and more of a facilitator. This takes a certain level of self-awareness which is a crucial component of what makes a good leader.
To be self-aware whilst leading teamwork, means that good leaders must permit others to have a voice within the team, in ways that make a difference to the organisation. For example, team members may be encouraged to express important ideas that help the direction of the company through ideas regarding survival during a financial crisis, or improvements on an existing product or service. Self-aware leaders recognise the value in this and encourage their team to grow on a personal and professional level.
Good leaders can leverage the power of Rec Room to allocate specific departments or product teams into Groups. Here, leaders can promote collaboration, creativity and innovation by using the Group function as a facilitation mechanism, where employees can freely share new recommendations and suggest potential strategies.

3. A good leader values other people

Great leaders understand they are not a team of one. They rely heavily on their team to manage the day-to-day operation of the workplace, with everyone playing a part in its success – or failure. They also grasp the power of their team to help them develop fully into their leadership capacity. They see the value in lifting others and empowering them on their journeys.
Rec Room harnesses the power of gamification to deliver an easy and effective way for amazing leaders to build loyalty and confidence amongst their teammates. Gamifying the platform allows organisations to establish rules and triggers that will inspire team engagement. When an employee exhibits behaviour and/or performance that aligns with good leadership, they will receive instant, positive reinforcement through issued Reward Mechanisms. These mechanisms are customisable and may deliver anything from Custom Badges, Points, Work Perks, Awards or Rewards. Every time good leadership occurs, organisations have the power to recognise it without lifting a finger, helping them to create cultures of good leaders and unified teams.

4. A good leader is transformative

Leaders who expect to inspire their team to increase their performance standards and become more customer-centric must be willing to embrace change in a transformative manner. The focus should be on minimising negative reactions using inclusive methods.
EonX can help transformative leaders during times of organisational change. Our Rec Room platform provides all the tools needed to inspire and encourage employees to face challenges head-on, giving them the confidence to problem-solve and contribute to a solution. Building a resilient workforce is crucial, regardless of whether or not a global pandemic is at play. The Quizzes feature, for instance, can be used to provide training modules with examples of how good leaders should handle situations. Employees who complete the training and answer questions in ways that align with the company values, will them receive Rewards through the Rewards Marketplace platform.
More importantly, results from Quizzes can be utilised to provide employee feedback, to ensure employees are properly mentored when learning and implementing the skills required to not only be a good leader, but a transformative leader.

Embracing the new face of leadership

There are no secret formulas when it comes to being a great leader. As the times change, so do the expectations of what it means to be a quality manager. Following the four principles above and making an effort to connect with your team are the best ways to embrace the new face of leadership.
EonX can help. Our knowledgeable team can help strategise and customise our platform options to provide the tools needed to support a strong teamwork atmosphere.
Get in touch with our specialists today to learn more.

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