How to Drive Workplace Wellness

Oct 07, 2020

How to Drive Workplace Wellness

Prioritising workplace wellness

If there’s one thing that the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us, it’s that now more than ever, wellness in the workplace needs to a priority for employers.
This pandemic has shifted almost every aspect of our day-to-day lives from outside the home to inside — from work to exercise and everything in between, and as a result, individuals are focusing on their personal wellbeing more than ever before.

Understanding the impact of COVID-19

The Choosi Choices Report recently examined how people make decisions and found that many Australians are now putting health at the top of their priorities, with 27.2 per cent saying that COVID-19 has had an impact on this decision.
With the closure of gyms and outdoor workout equipment, Australian’s are relying on videos and apps to get their exercise. Tasked with maintaining health and wellbeing efforts that are centred around the home, some are able to sustain their usual eating and workout regimes, whilst many are finding it difficult to stay motivated.
It’s undoubtedly difficult for people to feel inspired and supported to achieve their goals whilst under these circumstances, but with the right strategy it doesn’t have to be.
Introducing a workplace wellness strategy Working from home is a reality that we all need to keep adjusting to. As such, it is imperative that organisations devise an effective workplace wellness strategy, to help counteract the negative impacts of COVID-19.
Employers have a responsibility to ensure their employees are prioritising their wellness in a wholistic manner. Taking a 360 approach to wellness is the key to unlocking the many benefits that a healthy lifestyle has to offer, for both organisations and employees alike.
With the right workplace wellness strategy, organisations can successfully incentivise their workforce to stay fit and healthy, and through the implementation of a scalable workplace wellness solution, organisations can provide their employees with the tools, encouragement and support needed to assist them wherever they may be on their wellness journey.

EonX’s Health & Wellness platform

EonX’s Health & Wellness platform is an all-in-one tool that delivers workplace wellness. It’s fully branded and can be customised to suit each organisation’s wellness strategy and overall business objectives. It has been designed to improve business performance, promote a healthier company culture and connect stakeholders through team building activities, physical challenges, healthier habits and engaging wellness assessments.
Health and Wellness Platform Image showing the various wellness videos that are available to support employee wellbeing whilst they're working from home.

Promoting improved health and celebrating personal achievements

Upon entering the platform, each employee is prompted to complete the Wellness Assessment in order to receive a truly personalised wellness experience.
The Wellness Assessment empowers employees to address their current lifestyle and transform it into their desired, healthy lifestyle, and move towards healthier habits that meet their wellness objectives. Furthermore, their assessment score will ensure that relevant content is tailored to address their areas of improvement or areas of interest.
Identifying an employees interests and needs results in targeted content that will continue to motivate and incentivise them, even on those lazy days at home.
Content includes an array of interactive challenges, programs and education, physical & mindful videos, a Lifestyle Library and a personalised scoring system, all of which are created and endorsed by a certified medical panel.
Beyond this, the Health & Wellness platform encourages both workplace wellness and a renewed sense of comradery amongst employees. Employees can track their activity and share results with colleagues, powering a culture of workplace wellness and solidifying team bonds.
There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach that’ll do the job, however, your organisation can ensure that a practical, achievable and personalised workplace wellness strategy is delivered to it’s employees through the implementation EonX’s Health & Wellness platform.

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