Quick Workplace Tips for 2020

Dec 07, 2020

Quick Workplace Tips for 2020

Navigating workplace uncertainty

As we navigate this global pandemic, we as a collective feel the impacts and brace the fear of uncertainty. Social isolation and fear for personal and family health seems to be the foundation for this new workplace that is emerging.
In an effort to provide you with some direction and support, we have collated the following workplace tips that you can utilise as a means to ‘check in’ with your current employee engagement, communication and recognition efforts, and make adjustments where necessary.

Tip #1

Perhaps you don’t know when your employees will be able to return to the workplace or how different things will be when they do. Regardless, you need to be in constant communication with your team. Connecting employees working from home in a wholistic way, needs to be a top priority to ensure the livelihood of your businesses and employees alike.

Tip #2

Now it is critical for businesses to periodically evaluate the communication and collaboration tools they provide their staff, in order to prevent succumbing to the potential workplace pitfalls at play. This is why employee engagement platforms are more necessary than ever and are easier to implement than ever, too.

Tip #3

Beyond the basics of operating remotely, the looming question remains as to how employee well-being can be assisted during this time. Whether it’s social, emotional, physical or financial well-being, your employees are the foundation to your workplace. Their personal wins or losses are mirrored within their professional arena, impacting colleagues, task performance and general attitudes towards work. These are confusing times for everyone but if one thing’s for certain, satisfied and healthy employees are the foundation to workplaces that go the extra mile, even during hardship. This is why, it has never been more important to make sure you have an effective and relevant employee wellbeing strategy in place.

It’s time for change in the workplace

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