Reasons your business needs to go digital with customer loyalty now

Apr 22, 2021

Reasons your business needs to go digital with customer loyalty now

Take two customers.
One has a purse stuffed full of out-of-date coupons and numerous dog-eared loyalty cards. She can never find the right one at the crucial moment. Engaging with your brand is hard work; the onus is on her.
The other has a smartphone. With one touch she can access her money-off vouchers and see her loyalty points total and any bespoke offers. Engaging with your brand is easy and rewarding; you’ve done the hard work for her.
If your customer loyalty program isn't offering a streamlined experience, it may be time for a digital shakeup. Don’t get left behind. Here are five top reasons to go digital now:

1. Be with your customers 24/7

Your customers are rarely without their phones. It’s estimated that 3.8 billion people worldwide have a smartphone. In the UK more than eight in 10 mobile phone users have a smartphone–55.5 million people who can potentially be reached in new and innovative ways. You can reward loyal customers as well as attract new ones. Let them know when they’re near your store or send a breakfast offer timed perfectly for the commute. Be the digital friend in their pocket.

2. Build loyalty through customer convenience

In building brand loyalty, ease and convenience are arguably as important as your rewards and benefits. Going digital with your loyalty scheme takes responsibility away from the customer. They no longer have to remember that coupon or ask the person on the checkout how many loyalty points they have before they make a purchase. Everything they need is in an ewallet on their phone. No stress. No hassle.

3. Get invaluable real-time data

The data you need to monitor campaign progress is available whenever you want it. Access to real-time purchasing information gives you the power to instantly alter a promotion or introduce a new one based on results. You can play it safe or experiment. Ultimately, you have all the insights you need to inform a wider business strategy and goals, shaping the next campaign and beyond.

4. Give customers more reasons to come back

Customers are becoming more demanding. They prefer personal, relevant messaging over generic content and offers. Going digital with customer loyalty gives you access to real-time data and customer profiling so you can build your rewards and benefits around them. You can deliver the right content to the right people at the right time, sparking more engagement.
You can also offer special promotions and rewards that are likely to appeal to your customers. This can be anything from exclusive competitions or small ‘feel good’ giveaways to more profound content and initiatives. Australian loyalty program members want life-improving ways to be rewarded, earning rewards for healthy behaviours or recycling. Think outside the box.

5. Benefit your bottom line

Procuring branded loyalty cards and printing coupons can be costly, time-consuming and a drag on your carbon footprint. It’s money that could be better spent on a digital loyalty scheme — one that gives you a direct route into customer pockets and real-time data for clear, measurable ROI. You will have information at your fingertips to make confident business decisions.
Let EonX guide your business through its digital transformation. We can bring your customer loyalty scheme bang up to date, tailoring it to your goals and customer expectations.
From points for dollars and eGift cards and vouchers to personalised content creation and gamification, we can help your business motivate prospects and existing customers, converting them into loyal brand advocates.
Contact EonX today and take the first step towards your new digital loyalty program.

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