The Importance of Frequent and Timely Recognition

Mar 07, 2021

The Importance of Frequent and Timely Recognition

It’s a basic human need. If we do something for someone else, we expect some kind of recognition of our actions. While it’s true to an extent that “kindness is its own reward,” the reality is rather more complex than this. Human structures of encouragement and reinforcement, or even of simple politeness and respect, make recognition necessary.
Your team is getting paid for their services, of course, which is a form of recognition. But, in order to be truly effective, recognition needs to go far beyond this. Put questions of payment or even performance-based bonuses to one side for a moment and think instead about the human aspect.
Positive reinforcement and encouragement are huge driving forces within a company. It is these aspects that make employees feel genuinely valued and that help them to better engage with the tasks they carry out each and every day.

Three Rules for High-Quality, Effective Recognition

Recognition needs to meet three criteria if it is to be effective.
- Recognition must be sincere: If recognition is delivered offhand and without reference to specific events or actions, it will seem insincere. Focus on delivering recognition that is based squarely on the actions of the employee, demonstrating your engagement as a leader. - Recognition must be delivered in a frequent manner: Your employees work for you on an ongoing basis, completing vital tasks daily. Without this constant work ethic, your company could not survive. As such, your recognition policies need to reflect this – you need to deliver high-quality recognition at a high level of frequency. - Recognition must be delivered in a timely manner: If you were to do a good deed for someone in March, and they acknowledged your good deed and told you how much they appreciated you in July, you may feel unappreciated. It’s the same for your employees, who are likely to become disillusioned if you wait too long to offer your recognition. Make sure recognition is delivered within a swift timeframe following the action so your team stays engaged and their morale stays high.
Making Sure Recognition Is Timely, Frequent and Sincere with the Right Platform
Here at EonX, we have developed the Rec Room platform to help businesses deliver the kind of recognition their employees both need and deserve. With this solution, digital recognition is offered up in real-time, and it can be personalised to suit the needs of specific teams or organisations.
Keep both in-house and remote teams engaged and motivated with EonX’s Rec Room. Reach out to our team to discover more.

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