The Power of Points

Feb 14, 2021

The Power of Points

The Power of Points: The True Potential of Loyalty Points for Your Customers.
Loyalty cards have been a common sight in the wallets of Australians for decades. These handy bits of plastic give customers the chance to save when they shop at their favourite stores and give retailers and other businesses a way to foster customer loyalty in the long term.
Of course, we now live in a digital age, and so “loyalty cards” have received a bit of an upgrade. However, while the physical card itself has gone away in most cases, this does not mean that loyalty points are any less valuable.
Here at EonX, we provide loyalty points programs to our clients so that they can pass these points onto their customers and clients in turn, and reap the rewards. We recognise that customer reward schemes need to be genuinely valuable and attractive to your customers. This is why we make our points as versatile and as practically useful as possible.
Read on to learn more about how establishing a loyalty points system with EonX’s platform can really excite and engage your customers.

Customers can use program points to convert to cash and pay everyday bills

One reservation that many people have when it comes to program points is that they are not transferrable to the real world. Sure, the points look great when they start mounting up, and of course, there is value to be gained from them. But they are not “currency” in the same way that dollars and cents are.
EonX has developed something different, and more tangibly worthwhile, for your customers. When customers achieve loyalty points via our platform, these points can be converted directly to cash or used to pay everyday bills. This real-world fungibility makes loyalty points very attractive indeed for customers.

Customers can redeem points for rewards like gift cards and products

You want to provide flexibility to your customers, but you also want to nurture a sense of loyalty. This means directing customers towards your own products and services, something that can be achieved with great ease using loyalty points, especially when you use the EonX platform to provide these points.
Customers will be able to redeem their points for various different rewards. What these rewards are, and how many points are required to unlock each one, remains up to you. You may choose to reward your customers with gift cards of different values, or you may offer specific products that can be redeemed at different points total. You may even choose to leverage major retailers and their product offering, including gift cards and products.We can also help you develop a loyalty points system of your own if you have something more unique in mind.

Customers can transfer points to major airlines to fly

Your customers love to travel, but they also know that travel is expensive. By enabling your customers to convert their points into credit with airlines, you are helping them to fulfil their dreams of travel, while also solidifying a strong relationship that will last for many years to come.
We have developed our platform in such a way that our points are redeemable with many major airlines, for flights to and from domestic and international hubs. This represents a deal that is going to resonate very strongly indeed with your customers — and is going to help you grow your business with a solid, engaged consumer base.

Choose One of EonX’s Ready-to-Deploy Loyalty Programs or Let Us Work With You on a Tailored Project

Whether you have something very specific in mind, or you simply want to check out the options we can provide, get in touch. Our team is ready to deliver a reward points program that suits your business and your objectives.

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