The top 4 reasons why HR departments love our recognition platform

Apr 15, 2021

The top 4 reasons why HR departments love our recognition platform

Managing an effective employee recognition platform is essential to staff retention. Employees that receive regular praise and rewards feel valued and respected. That makes them more likely to remain both productive and loyal—the holy grail for an employer.
But it can be hard to find the right program that is simple to put in place, gets good results, and doesn't rely on a "one size fits all" approach. Only 20% of employees strongly agree that their employer manages their performance in a way that motivates them to do outstanding work.
Are you looking for a proven system you can customise to the needs of your business? If so, read on.

Why EonX's Recognition Platform Works

Here are the top four reasons you'll love our Rec Room employee recognition platform.

1. Helps Attract New and Exciting Talent

Employers today need to be able to respond to a fast-changing environment. The traditional 9-5 office culture is giving way to more flexible forms of working. And that trend has only accelerated with the move to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Employees from the millennial generation, especially, have different expectations of their employers. They thrive on positive feedback and desire a better work/life balance.
How does Rec Room help? It establishes a positive workplace culture that celebrates employee success so that your company can compete with other innovative organisations for the top talent.
The employee experience starts even pre-recruitment. It plays a role in how they view the company and whether they are attracted by the brand. Why? If your company is known for its employee recognition awards, it will attract the rockstars you need to grow.
Rec Room's customised rewards offer ways to give benefits to your employees beyond their basic salary. How does it work? Employees can receive discounts on shopping, dining out, and other activities, as well as relevant work perks like coffee with a manager or lunch with the CEO.
Are you concerned about your company's retention rate? A new employee that experiences a smooth hiring process and is quickly added to the staff recognition platform is likely to feel valued. That will motivate them to meet their potential at your company.

2. Retains Top Performing Talent

In times when budgets are tight and workforces reduced, employees can feel they are not rewarded for their work. Organisations can find they have to do more with less money. So staff recognition platforms are a low-cost way to keep employees engaged while bonuses may be on hold.
Are you among the 64% of HR leaders that are making employee experience a priority as workplaces reopen after pandemic shutdowns?
Rec Room allows you to design non-financial rewards to reward positive behaviour and boost job satisfaction. Managers can personalise rewards based on their teams' preferences, showing their opinions are valued.
Employees can earn points, badges, or access to different tiers of benefits as rewards.
HR departments can also use the platform to manage training. Encouraging employees to gain new skills shows the company takes an interest in their development. It also benefits the company as they apply those skills in their work.
And yet, understanding why employees need praise for their work must go beyond the HR department. A company culture that incorporates Rec Room at each level will help motivate all employees to give their best, including remote teams.

3. Simplifies Internal Communications

As organisations grow and expand, it can be a challenge to maintain effective communications. It may no longer be practical for senior management to interact with all employees as they did in the past. And as the number of departments grows, communications between them can become more complex.
Rec Room features an internal news feed, company-specific perks, and a company-wide events calendar that organisations can use to communicate efficiently.
The news feed makes it easy to promote big announcements and small wins alike. The feed is social and interactive, celebrating success stories with posts, awards, polls, comments, and likes. Sharing in such an active culture helps employees feel connected.
Rec Room also promotes employee success based on measures that communicate the organisation's values, goals, and key performance indicators.
HR departments and managers can use the platform to communicate the behaviours they want to see from employees, fostering an understanding of how they are expected to act in the workplace.

4. Strengthens Teamwork and Collaboration

The shift to remote work can make collaboration team members a challenge. Even when teams are in the same office, communications can be fragmented across email, instant messaging and other platforms.
To tackle that problem, employees can use Rec Room to create groups and connect with colleagues. They can collaborate across departments while keeping messages in one place.
Recognition from peers, too, gives employees satisfaction and encourages teamwork. Rec Room's key features include nominations, awards, and high fives. That empowers employees to create a supportive environment where they can give and receive feedback from each other.
By showing employees their colleagues value their work, companies build strong team bonds that last.
Employees also need physical and virtual spaces to socialise. Using Rec Room's messaging and live chat helps them connect socially. And they can use it to organise events in the workplace to get to know their colleagues better.
Do not underestimate how much employees value internal networking. Giving them the chance to make connections also shows that the company values their career progression.

EonX's Rec Room Gets Results

At EonX we have more than 20 years of experience in developing loyalty programs. We understand that as an HR leader, you need the right software to carry out your vision for an inclusive employee rewards system.
We developed Rec Room with that in mind, to help companies deliver a customised recognition platform with ease. Recognising team members for the good work they do can help motivate every employee and boost retention.
Contact our team today to see how the Rec Room platform can work for your company.

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