Unpacking the Key Components of Gamification

Oct 09, 2020

Unpacking the Key Components of Gamification

The ‘how to’ of gamification

In today’s technologically-hyped-up modern age, emerging technology sets a new standard for the way in which organisations must allocate their resources in order to successfully engage, connect and inspire their stakeholders. This is where gamification is key, enabling a streamlined approach to all of the above.
Organisations can no longer use mass-marketing methods to effectively engage target audiences. Whilst these methods are beneficial in driving brand awareness and promotional activity, they are unable to appeal to the diversified needs and desires of audiences on an individual level. In the current highly digital, saturated market, brand loyalty only comes when businesses deliver the necessary value proposition that supports this.
So, in order for your organisation to forge mutually beneficial relationships that drive genuine, long-term loyalty, you must take a tactical, personalised and engaging route, through gamification.
In an effort to translate typically complex technical jargon, we’ve taken the liberty of breaking down the key components of gamification and how you can use it, in order to drive stakeholder engagement, boost brand loyalty and deliver ROI.

Applying gaming mechanics with EonX

Technology is continuously evolving, and with the right help, it can be moulded in a way that best suits the needs and objectives of your organisation.
EonX’s Engagement Engine has been designed to leverage gamification mechanics and principles, with the option to embed them across any platform or existing infrastructure.
Through the Engagement Engine, businesses can set dynamic rules & triggers specific to the behaviours, actions and transactions they are looking to drive, whilst having the ability to allocate the appropriate reward mechanism to quantify progress.
This is one of the most proven ways to engage users and keep them ‘sticky’ to your brand. It transforms traditional user interactions into participatory and immersive experiences with measurable value.

Ready to start your gamified adventure?

Get in touch today and learn about how EonX’s team of specialists can help you to harness the power of gamification, to better engage and securely transact with your members customers or employees.

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