Wellness at Work is More Than Just a Buzzword

Nov 05, 2020

Wellness at Work is More Than Just a Buzzword

What is wellness?

At a global level we await a solution to end this madness as countries race to find both medicines and vaccines for the COVID-19 pandemic. With life settling into the new normal, wellness at work has never felt more important. The good news is, that we exist in a technological era where instant connectivity prevails, showing just how truly adaptable we are as a species.
So, what is wellness? An employees’ duties, expectations, stress levels and working environments are each segments under the umbrella term of ’employee wellbeing’. Each of these areas work in unison with one another to affect an employees overall health and happiness. Whereas, wellness, encompasses so much more than even this. It incorporates not only an employees’ emotional responses and conditioning but their financial and physical state of wellbeing too.
Wellness at work – the latest buzzword that packs more meaning than ever before!

Wellbeing at work

Unsurprisingly, work is one of the biggest influences on an individual’s wellbeing. Toxic work environments lead to bad attitudes, strained relationships and general confusion towards daily activities – each of which is debilitating.
It is perhaps unsurprising that companies are investing heavily in programs that drive corporate wellbeing. Investment in wellbeing is seen by many organisations as not just a key employee engagement strategy but also an enterprise risk management imperative.

EonX’s wellbeing support options

Focusing on employee wellbeing and purpose is a smart strategy for building a strong business for the long-term. Working in the best interest of everybody at your organisation is exactly what is needed and will be gloriously welcomed.
With this is mind, we are excited to announce,
Drum roll please…
Our Health & Wellness Platform is here and ready to support wellness at work!
Designed to bring the benefits of positive mental health and wellness into your business, our Health & Wellness Platform improves overall business performance and promotes a healthier company culture by connecting stakeholders through team building activities, physical challenges, healthier habits and engaging wellness assessments.
It is our mission to empower businesses and their members, customers and employees with the connectivity, engagement and recognition tools needed to navigate these unprecedented times.
The Health & Wellness Platform is an all-in-one wellness solution designed to promote improved health and personal achievements, celebrating and rewarding your people for their healthy choices.
Create an ecosystem where your stakeholders can access activities, physical challenges, healthier habits and an engaging wellness assessment.
This wholistic approach tailors every user journey on an individual level, ensuring that users are receiving the guidance and support they need to achieve wellness at work.

Working on wellness together

Are you ready to start working in an environment that supports wellness? The good news is, the Health & Wellness Platform is designed to make internal processes easier by streamlining all workplace wellness needs, making a happier and healthier lifestyle more accessible for all members of your organisation.
It’s time to take this buzzword and bring genuine and lasting meaning to it, giving back to the people that matter most – your employees.

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