What's a Loyalty Fintech?

Apr 08, 2021

What's a Loyalty Fintech?

What is a Fintech?

First, let's be clear on what a Fintech is and how it works.
Fintech is short for 'financial technology'. It's basically any technology used to improve, deliver, and automate financial services. Examples of Fintech solutions include:
- Payment apps - Mobile wallets, e.g., PayPal - Online digital banks - Budgeting apps
Put simply, Fintech makes it much easier for businesses to streamline and manage their financial operations from a computer or smart device.

What is a Loyalty Fintech?

Let's be honest – traditional reward schemes are in decline. Consumers want simplicity, not plastic membership cards and multiple coupons clogging their wallets. And, employees want more personalised, relevant rewards that they can access straight from their office laptop.
What's the answer? A way to combine traditional business loyalty and reward programs with digital payment schemes...which is where Loyalty Fintech comes in.
With so much competition out there, Loyalty Fintech helps your company stay relevant by offering your key stakeholders more rewarding, personalised and seamless transactional experiences.
In short, Loyalty Fintechs are transforming the relationship between stakeholders and their employees and customers.
Whether you want to incentivise your employees with financial rewards, or you're offering personalised benefits to your most loyal customers, Loyalty Fintech can support your goals.


At EonX, we offer a suite of solutions to help businesses better connect with their key stakeholders, reward them more effectively and transact more securely - all via a branded, digital ecosystem.
As Australia's leading Loyalty Fintech platform, we're well placed to help you with all your loyalty program needs. Contact us today to learn more!

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