Why digital loyalty cards are in and plastic cards are out

May 24, 2022

Why digital loyalty cards are in and plastic cards are out

Australian’s sure do love their loyalty programs with the average customer belonging to 6.1 programs.
Now imagine multiplying Australia’s adult population (approximately 16 million) aged between 20 and 69 years by 6.1.
Also, imagine if every business had to physically print and distribute new and replacement loyalty cards to each individual loyalty program member - that figure is 97.6 million.
With that in mind, no wonder businesses with traditional plastic loyalty cards are transitioning to a digital loyalty platform.
Below are some of the major advantages of digital over plastic loyalty card programs.


With a plastic loyalty card program, there are costs to produce the cards, print branded letterheads and envelopes, and postage - all of which are eliminated with a digital loyalty card program.
With a digital loyalty card, all that is required is the right technology provider to help you modernise your program.
It’s that simple.

More convenient

Physical loyalty cards can be easily damaged or misplaced, which requires time and effort for customers to request a new card.
In addition, there’s also the wait time between requesting and receiving a replacement card in the mail. Not only is this inconvenient for customers, but this also requires additional resources for businesses.
With fully digital loyalty programs, losing your cards is virtually impossible. Customers who forget their password to access their digital loyalty card can simply reset it in just seconds.

More flexibility

Plastic loyalty cards are limited to identifying customers, recording purchases and earning loyalty points.
With digital loyalty card programs, these can be linked to a digital wallet where consumers can view their points balance and redeem points online at any time.
Furthermore, customers can also instantly purchase digital Gift Cards and even send them to friends.

A better customer experience

When paired with a digital wallet, consumers can also receive offers based on their location and personalised product or service recommendations based on their past purchases and behaviours.
As a result, you are more likely to retain your customers by giving them a tailored experience.
What’s more, research shows that digital wallet transactions in Australia increased by 90% between March 2020 and March 2021 and is expected to continue increasing, which highlights customer preferences towards digital experiences.

Plastic is not so fantastic

The evidence is clear that Australian consumers want a digital experience and so are the reasons to switch from a plastic to a digital loyalty card program.
If your business needs help with implementing a digital loyalty card solution, then EonX can help.
Contact us today at info@eonx.com to chat with an expert.

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