Why you need to be a recognition champion

Mar 29, 2021

Why you need to be a recognition champion

What do workers look for when it comes to joining a new company? What makes team members stick around for longer, remaining loyal to their employers?
There are many answers to these questions, but one of the key aspects is recognition. To put it simply, people like to be recognised for the good work that they do, and they expect to be treated with politeness, respect, and decency.

The Need for a Culture of Recognition

If you were to be asked: “are team members recognised for what they do within your organisation?” you’d probably say “yes”. But think about this more deeply for a second. Recognition has to be a cultural thing that pervades right into the very heart and identity of a business. Within a company, there will always be people who command attention and recognition, perhaps through their body language or through a generally more assertive attitude. On the other hand, there will be people who prefer to work quietly, getting the job done without fanfare. Both of these groups need to be recognised, equally.

Investment from Upper Management

So, where does this culture come from? It doesn’t just appear from nowhere — it needs to be put in place. And this comes from the top down. As a member of upper management or the executive team, you need to be able to understand the need for recognition and to demonstrate this to your team members. If you can take ownership of recognition and of this critical need — and if you can drive a heightened understanding of this need across all levels of the company — you are taking big steps towards achieving a culture of recognition within your business.

A Structure of Recognition Pervading the Whole Company

But you can’t achieve all this alone. You need to become a recognition champion at the upper level of management, and you need to appoint a structure of sponsorship and recognition-championing at all other levels too. By putting recognition champions at each level of your business, you are helping to make sure that employee recognition remains a company-wide cultural aspect of your business, even for remote-based teams.

The Right Software in Place: EonX’s Rec Room

You need to be able to draw upon the right software as you champion recognition internally within your company. Recognition platforms help you to deliver and manage recognition on a company-wide scale, ensuring that no members of your team get left behind, regardless of where they are located.
Here at EonX, we have developed the Rec Room platform, designed to help you do just this. Reach out to our team to find out more!

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