Why your business needs to offer years of service & milestone awards

Apr 01, 2021

Why your business needs to offer years of service & milestone awards

Good employees are hard to find nowadays, especially with millennials job hopping from one establishment to another so frequently. Therefore, when you are lucky enough to come by good workers, it is important to make them stay on board by keeping them engaged and rewarded. Not only will your staff appreciate your recognition of their efforts, but they will also enjoy the milestone awards you provide them with.

Why It’s Important To Reward Staff with Employee Incentives

Studies have shown that many employees leave a company because they don’t feel appreciated by their boss. Other studies found that employee incentives not only improve employee productivity but also boost employee retention. It is cheaper to reward an employee rather than have them quit since this costs business owners a lot more because of the following:
- Production goes down while no one is fulfilling the absent employees' duties - It costs to find a replacement - Run background checks - The new employee has to be trained - It takes a while before a new employee will be productive
Show your appreciation for the staff who helped out in other areas, went the extra mile to complete a project, stood late to beat a deadline, or just celebrate an employee’s anniversary with the company. Once you start giving out awards, all your employees' work ethics will improve, and they wouldn’t think of quitting.

Show Your Staff That Years of Good Service Pays off

Reward your staff for key milestones, work anniversaries, birthdays, accomplishments, etc., with gifts, awards, physical products, gift cards, bonus incentives, and more. EonX's reward and recognition program helps you show how much you appreciate good workers who stick it out with the company. Set milestones to reach and goals to achieve or give out meaningful rewards to those who deserve them. Choose from a wide variety of rewards to provide your staff with personalised rewards you know they will love.

Ensure Employee Satisfaction With an All-In-One Milestone Awards and Recognition Platform

Use the Rec Room employee recognition program to establish a culture in your workplace creating key milestones for rewards. The program offers a range of integrated triggers and touchpoints to recognize and award your staff. This helps to promote positive behavior, strengthen employee retention, drive motivation, boost employee productivity, increase employee satisfaction, encourage staff loyalty, improve customer relationships, expand growth, raise profits, and helps your business thrive.
With this fully branded interactive ecosystem, you can create unique branded rewards leveraging exclusive offers from leading Australian brands and service providers. Thus, recognize greatness with personalized individual gifts to fit the unique needs of each staff member. Won’t Maria in accounting be surprised to find that you remembered how much she loves pandas when you reward her with a panda pendant? Or, show Jim in receiving you know about his dragon collection by gifting him with a dragon paperweight. Providing your staff members with personalized gifts shows more than your appreciation. It also shows that you listen to what your employees have to say and care enough to ensure their reward suits them.

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