Identity & KYC

Identity & KYC

Embed comprehensive KYC checks across your entire customer lifecycle, starting from the initial on-boarding process and beyond

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Know Your Customer and verify their identity in seconds with leading-edge biometric technology

Identity verification services with tailored screening to your needs, helping qualify and verify customer identity across all parts of your business

Advanced facial scanning & matching

Scan biometric data from physical or behavioural attributes to match a person’s face to their government issued identification

Certified liveness detection

Analyse passive and active liveness to stop individuals from using printouts or images in an attempt to create fraudulent identities

Secure data capture & ID OCR

Process identity documents safely with an ID OCR that can quickly and securely scan, classify and verify ID documentation with DVS

Biometric facial scanning to match government issued identification documents

Capture, analyse and compare facial details to match a person’s face against a stored identity file, whilst streamlining the KYC and verification process with a seamless user experience. Our advanced OCR-scanning and Bio-matching process involves comparing an individual's facial geometry to that of a photograph from a government issued identification. Through the successful implementation of facial scanning and identity matching, businesses can securely replace passwords, enable cross-platform logins, allow multiple devices for users and confidently perform KYC checks.

AI-powered liveness to distinguish a real face from an image

Implement active or passive liveness checks to determine the validity of an individual's identity against a government issued identification documentation. Our liveness detection process involves a rotational facial scan to determine whether the individual being scanned is actually a live person moving on camera with regular micro-motional activity. With the emerging digital economy of today, businesses can improve their customer verification process, better comply with relevant KYC requirements, and further secure their business against the ongoing threat of online fraud and transactional risk.

Gamify the process of consumer identity to unlock loyalty

Screen, classify and authenticate documentation or content to create a user experience which inspires engagement and influences loyalty. Through the verification of a consumer's identity, your business can apply highly-personalised incentives or introduce loyalty offers which are only available to digitally verified individuals. In addition to identity authentication, you can influence consumer engagement through behavioural mechanics which unlock product tiers or exclusive access to virtual or on-prem experiences.


Benefits to your brand and your people

Simplify your KYC process

Get accurate data and validate identity in real-time with biometric matching

Real-time decisioning

Make real-time decisions without human intervention

Enterprise-grade security

Securely identify consumers by combining active and passive liveness checks

Transparency and fraud prevention

Get a better customer view with authenticated identity credentials

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