Points Engine

Points Engine

Elevate stakeholder loyalty with a Points Engine designed to reward transactional, behavioural, locational and event-driven activity

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An enterprise-grade Points Engine developed to handle all your agnostic points requirements

Systematically incentivise your people with a Points Engine that allows for real-time accrual, allocation and redemption

Award upon engagement, achievement or transaction

Embed earn & burn rules specific to touch points which are relevant to your customer lifecycle

Implement a marketplace for redemption

Determine your mechanic for redemption, whether in dollar value, credit, gift cards, products, discounts or cashback

Create your own internal points currency

Set a points ratio which establishes the monetary value of points within your program

Issue points to motivate and inspire desired actions and transactions

Calculate and issue points based on a pre-defined rules set, linked directly to a corresponding target segment, key event and qualification criteria. Rules may be behavioural, transactional, locational or social, and can be contextualised subject to any user cohort or demographic, taking into account; purchase value, task completion, event attendance, membership status and product holdings to name a few... Once rules and relevant criteria have been met, points will automatically be issued to eligible users, instantly available for redemption.

  • Create custom rules to automatically trigger points issuing

  • Benefit from real-time points calculation based on pre-qualified criteria

  • Introduce bespoke levels and tiers with differing points values for users in separate cohorts

  • Freely design points-based campaigns for adhoc calculation & issuing

Offer points redemption from your very own rewards marketplace

Accumulated points can be redeemed instantly for any chosen reward available within the platform, including products and services from leading local and global retailers, delivering an end-to-end redemption solution. Furthermore, have the ability to translate points into real currency, allowing users to pay with points whilst converting points to a monetary value for bills or expenses. Beyond this, redemption rules can be applied against points, locking down redemption to specific retailers, products or locations. Points can be redeemed for:

  • Cash or Bill Payments

  • Gift Cards & eVouchers

  • Physical Products

  • Tickets

  • Airline Miles/Points


Benefits for your brand and your people

Seamless integration

Integrate the Points Engine with your POS, EFTPOS or eCommerce site

Real-time data and analytics

Monitor activity through a live admin dashboard, showcasing live points issuing and redemption

Bespoke rule creation

Define your own set of custom rules that correspond to points issuing and redemption

Flexible redemption

Allow points redemption to take place online or in-store

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