Bill Payments

Bill Payments

Simplify and automate business payment reconciliation, whilst adding value to your customers with every transaction processed

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Unify bill payments with loyalty to drive retention and brand value

Offer your customers a simplified way to pay their invoices, whilst incentivising every payment and streamlining the accounts receivables process for your business

Optimise payment acceptance

Offer the payment methods your customers know and trust including all major cards, alternative payments and points

Simplify reconciliation

Enjoy a single file reconciliation process which unifies all payment types into one consolidated report and settlement

Reward customers on spend

Incentivise your customers to pay on time and issue tangible rewards such as points, cashback or discounts

Loyalty points earned with every bill payment

Take control of the way you accept payments and instantly drive more value to your business, brand and customers.

EonX delivers a white labelled, all-in-one, bill payments and loyalty platform, designed to simplify your payments acceptance whilst rewarding your customers every time they transact with your business.

  • Create your own fully branded points currency

  • Issue points to customers on every bill payment

  • Allow customers to pay bills using their points earned

  • Enable customers to transact with points + pay

  • Align your brand with leading frequent flyer programs

Direct Debit and recurring payments

A dynamic platform designed to offer choice, security and reliability for you and your customer’s payments needs.

Whether looking to establish a once-off bill payment for a fixed amount, or trigger a behavioural driven payment, EonX can facilitate agnostic processes into your daily business payment requirements.

  • Once-off direct debit payments

  • Scheduled and forward dated calendar payments

  • Recurring bill payments and member subscriptions

  • Full invoice amount triggered payments

Single file reconciliation making life easy for business

Simplify the process for your business to reconcile its bill payments and receivables, through a single reconciliation file in a format which can be instantly consumed by any accounting software.

Improve workplace efficiencies by being able to seamlessly reconcile everything from singular traditional payment methods to split payments with any collective of points, cash, charge or rebates.

  • ABA file formats

  • Multi-vendor payment reconciliation

  • Consolidated remittance and settlements

  • Integrations into ERP


Benefits for your brand and your people

Real-time processing

Benefit from instant funds settlement and reconciliation with a single file format

Split payments

Allow payers to split their payments across scheme cards, bank accounts or points

Trusted security

Protect your business from risk with bank-grade security and transaction protection

Reward customer loyalty

Engage and incentivise timely transactions with points, discounts or campaigns

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