Wish Your Employees Wealth, Health and Happiness in the Lunar New Year

Jan 31, 2022

Wish Your Employees Wealth, Health and Happiness in the Lunar New Year

All over the West, people prepare for New Year's Day to be on the 1st of January. But, did you know that over 20% of the earth's population observe the Lunar New Year?
The Lunar New Year is an exciting cultural and traditional celebration in many Asian societies. This coming new year, the Lunar New Year falls on the 1st of February 2022, which marks the beginning of The Year of the Tiger.
Wishing people wealth, health and happiness is not only common practice but tradition.
So how can employers wish their employees wealth, health and happiness in the workplace to keep them engaged?
Check out some of our ideas below.

Wishing wealth for your employees

Many workplaces are already helping their employees save more of their disposable income, with benefits and perks. These include: - Savings on daily necessities, such as discounted Gift Cards on fuel and groceries - Savings on luxuries, such as discounted dining, travel and cinema offers - Savings on utilities, such as providing access to Utility Comparison tools
These small, but truly helpful benefits can make a huge difference in your employee's wealth in the long term.

Help employees reach their health goals

Ensuring your employees have a positive work-life balance is vital to productivity. High productivity in the workplace is also indicative of employee wellbeing. Some good ideas to promote healthy living include: - Exercise tutorials and fitness videos - Healthy recipes - Articles on how to optimise health and wellbeing What’s more, if high staff absenteeism is an issue in your workplace, then having healthy employees can help reverse this trend.

Make happiness in the workplace a priority

Employees want more than just a paycheck each month.
Studies show that employees are likely to stay longer if they are happy. Employees do not want to feel a deep sense of loathing every time they walk into work. You want your employees to know that their happiness is important!
Here’s how you can create a happy workforce and workplace: - Encourage all staff to send thank you messages for outstanding work - Celebrate work anniversaries - Remember birthdays and key milestones - Nominate and congratulate top performers for company awards

Show how much you care this Lunar New Year

As an employer, you want your whole business to succeed and your employees to feel valued. Employee engagement is crucial in getting your business where you want it. This Lunar New Year, make sure your employees feel appreciated and cared for.
If your workplace needs help with implementing any of these ideas, then EonX can help. Contact us to chat with an expert.

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