Reward & Recognition

Reward & Recognition

Recognise, reward and inspire your people with an all-in-one solution that unifies employee engagement and workplace perks

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Engage and retain top performing talent with a solution that sets your company apart

Maximise the potential of your workforce through a Reward & Recognition solution designed to create an unmatched culture of engagement and success

Quantify recognition moments with personalised rewards

Make recognition more tangible with Gift Cards, products, Cashback, Tickets and eVouchers

Personalise awards which inspire a positive workplace

Encourage employees to award peers when they perform in ways that supports company values

Establish a cross-functional culture of recognition

Reinforce behaviours tied to corporate values and instil a culture of recognition and inclusivity

Deliver highly personalised, inclusive and frequent recognition

Launching a strategic Employee Reward & Recognition platform is a proven motivator and influencer on performance. Happy employees not only perform better, but they stay longer and remain loyal to a workplace they feel ‘values’ them. EonX’s all-in-one Employee Reward & Recognition solution unifies awards and benefits, peer-to-peer communications and workplace perks in a fully branded and interactive ecosystem, which celebrates employee success through every touchpoint.

  • Nominations & Awards

  • Peer-to-Peer Recognition

  • Performance Incentives

  • Key-milestone & Tenure Rewards

  • Hi-5’s (virtual greeting cards)

Systematically reward behaviours that drive success

Recognition is a known catalyst for employee engagement as it reinforces desired behaviours that are aligned with company values and linked to corporate results. EonX’s employee solutions allow for the setting of company rules & triggers to help influence, change and improve employee behaviours, whilst better engaging and motivating through gamification based metrics.

  • Reward & Recognition

    Gamify the employee experience to prompt action from your employees, motivating them to complete or interact with specific tasks, events or challenges and then reward them accordingly

  • Implement gamification metrics to influence behaviour

    Introduce company specific levels, tiers, tokens, awards and badges to highlight and recognise improved employee performance, achievements and growth

Systematically reward behaviours that drive success

Offer rewards & benefits that go beyond remuneration

Whether it be awards, rewards or a virtual ‘gold star’, supporting a culture of recognition drives higher levels of engagement, which translates into improved performance and better results. Moments of recognition can be further fuelled by company-specific rewards & benefits, specially curated for your employees, to drive real value and to help them stretch their income further. Whether creating your own perks catalogue, or simply leveraging our rewards marketplace, we can help your business deliver timely and meaningful rewards and benefits which resonate perfectly with your employees.


Benefits for your brand and your people

Customise recognition metrics

Create dynamic Awards & Hi-5’s that align with your company’s core values

Boost employee morale

Improve company culture by consistently recognising employees for their efforts

Encourage 360 recognition

Engage and recognise employees at all levels of your business

Provide real value

Help your employees save with rewards and benefits on essentials and lifestyle offers

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