How COVID-19 changed the way we motivate and show recognition in the workplace

May 06, 2021

How COVID-19 changed the way we motivate and show recognition in the workplace

With the emphasis on working from home and social distancing, COVID-19 completely transformed the Australian workplace in 2020. It's been challenging to motivate remote teams, and it has been harder to show appreciation for the employees who deserve a little special recognition for their hard work. But what can we learn going forward – how can we motivate, encourage and reward employees in a remote business environment? Let's take a look.

Recognising remote workers

No matter where your employees are based, it's still absolutely possible to recognise and praise your team. All it takes is a little ingenuity, which is where EonX can help.
- Create fully-customised employee Awards to celebrate a job well done. - Send out Hi-5s to quickly acknowledge great work on a project.
From rewards to benefits, our awards and recognition platform offers an integrated solution to bring your employees together.

Tracking employee metrics

When you're dealing with a remote workforce, how do you ensure employees engage with critical documents like training materials and development guides? EonX makes it simple.
Through the platform, you can track exactly when your employees interact with the desired content. You can reward employees with badges or other perks when they complete a program, and you can follow up with employees who may need extra support.
With EonX, you can track employee progress just as easily from home as in the office.

Improving collaboration

Remote working makes it far more challenging to bring employees together, which is why you need a cohesive suite of collaboration tools to keep everyone united.
- Our live chat feature and social media integration tools help employees communicate instantly. - Team members can collaborate without leaving the platform. Post-Covid, what you need is a fully integrated suite of tools from EonX to keep everyone on the same page.

Motivating a remote workforce

Struggling to keep your workers motivated? Set up bespoke reward programs and incentives to encourage your team to work just as hard as they would in the office.
For example, once employees reach a goal, like hitting their KPIs, they can "unlock" a new tier of benefits and customised rewards.


There's no doubt that Covid-19 made it more challenging to motivate and unite staff than ever before. But with EonX, there's no longer any barrier to rewarding employees or celebrating a team's success, no matter where everyone is based.
Contact us now to learn more about our suite of employee solutions and how we can help foster collaboration in your remote workplace.

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