Stored Value Currency

Stored Value Currency

Payments technology designed to put your business at the forefront of digital currency creation, acceptance and fiscal management

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Advanced payment technology for businesses looking to transact with their own branded currency

Layer distributed ledger technology atop of digital banking architecture to create your own currency and control how your business transacts

Set rules for transactability

Introduce dynamic rules pertaining to the way your business manages its currency

Issue incentives to drive loyalty

Create an uplift in spend through promotional cash incentives to be spent in your business

Power currency transfers & P2P payments

Enable closed loop payments and P2P transfers between your people and your business

Create and manage your very own digital currency ecosystem

Branded currencies have evolved from physical coupons and stamp cards, to digitised game-changing feats that can be managed through mobile applications and wallets.

Businesses have begun to convert stored value currency into attractive customer value propositions by removing friction, simplifying redemption and influencing payments.

Through the introduction of branded currency, consumers can engage with promotional initiatives, transact with peers and drive loyalty within a closed loop ecosystem.

  • Set a currency exchange against cash and promotional ratios

  • Establish currency trading rules and spend mechanics

  • Enable real-time B2B and P2P currency transfers

Leverage your currency to drive brand loyalty

Implementing loyalty metrics is the most powerful way to engage consumers and keep them ‘sticky’ to your brand. It transforms traditional user interactions into emotional and immersive experiences with measurable value to create a fluid loyalty currency.

Leveraging your brand’s currency as a means of incentive enables you to instantly reward the completion of activities, desired events and transactions in real-time, whilst controlling relevant redemption rules and values.

  • Real-time delivery for instant gratification

  • Issued upon transaction or behaviour

  • Redeemable within or outside of your brand’s ecosystem

Power real-time P2P currency transfers

Enable consumers to send your branded currency securely to their friends and family by simply providing the recipient's email address or phone number to initiate a transfer.

The currency is securely held in an interoperable digital wallet ledger, giving consumers the personal control they need to transact or redeem within the ecosystem.

  • Create brand awareness to capture new customers

  • Offer secure, convenient and real-time transfers

  • Help your people save on scheme fees or charges

  • Set rules around who, when and where funds can be transacted


Benefits for your brand and your people

Create brand awareness

Keep your brand at top of mind when consumers transact using your currency

Maintain full control

Keep your currency separate to scheme rules and guidelines

Save on third-party fees

Keep costs down with reduced fees and charges to suit your business

Access real-time reporting

Track currency movement and leverage decisioning that influences user activity

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