Merchant Acquiring

Merchant Acquiring

An omni-channel payment platform designed to streamline payments acceptance, collection and reconciliation

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Accept payments online or in person and benefit from real-time settlement capabilities and embedded fraud protection

Leverage an all-in-one solution designed to help your business capture more payments through instant, digital and secure processing & connectivity

Merchant services for business trading online & in-store

End-to-end payments processing for eCommerce and brick & mortar stores

Fully integrated & customisable payments solutions

Customise your integration with a comprehensive, robust API

Real-time payments processing & reconciliation

Benefit from real-time payments, settlement and seamless acceptance

Seamlessly integrate with a suite of API driven merchant services

Leverage robust API technology and integrations that work cross-device and cross-platform, to customise a payments experience best suited to your business and your customers.

Through EonX’s merchant services, you’ll have access to the tools you need to accept payments in-store and online, from any device, with real-time payments processing and settlement capabilities.

Your business will benefit from increased conversions, reduced friction and bank-grade security, to seamlessly and securely accept all popular payment methods.

  • Reduce friction & support all popular payment methods

  • Oversee all of your processing data in one place

  • Mitigate risk and keep your payments data highly secure

Get paid faster and easier with real-time payments & settlement

Capture your revenue quicker and directly to your account each time you process a transaction online or in-store.

EonX’s merchant services power real-time settlement to your business, whilst offering higher reliability, better acceptance rates and reduced fraud.

In addition to real-time payments processing and settlement, real-time reporting is delivered via a live admin dashboard, providing you with the insights and reporting you need to simplify your own internal accounts receivable.

  • Receive funds instantly to your nominated bank account

  • Monitor and oversee transactional data in real-time

  • Benefit from higher approval rates and prevent involuntary churn


Benefits for your brand and your people

Accept a wider range of payment methods

Accept all popular payment methods and enable your customers to pay, their way

Integrate with a robust API

Complete a simple integration with a robust API to begin your payments journey

Get paid fast, every time

Benefit from faster payments and settlement, having funds land in your bank account instantly

Leverage live reporting & insights

Access instant, transparent and accurate reporting via a live admin dashboard

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