Incentives & Campaigns

Incentives & Campaigns

Achieve brand loyalty whilst creating strategic campaigns that incentivise customers when engaging with your business

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Incentivise transactions & behaviours with dynamic campaigns

Create a value-driven experience that motivates your customers to engage and transact with your brand, time after time

Targeted incentives

Engage customers with incentives designed to drive a deeper connection to your brand

Detailed insights

Leverage live data and reporting to identify opportunities and spending trends

Branded promotions hub

Deliver campaigns and incentives via your own fully branded portal

Leverage out-of-the-box incentive solutions

Tailored to specific demographics, requirements and budgets, our business ready solutions are designed to influence loyalty through targeted promotional mechanics. Real-time analytics and reporting ensures organisations have the ability to monitor and evaluate campaign progress, whilst delivering detailed customer data and profiling. Whether you are looking to incentivise for transactional and behavioural achievements, or simply to drive consumer loyalty, you can select to issue your own business funded incentives or leverage our extensive rewards marketplace for added value.

Deliver tiered & VIP customer incentives

Recognise and reward your high-value customers with tiered solutions that leverage their natural desire for achieving status levels and associating special privileges only available to those who belong to VIP tiers.

  • Keep customers engaged whilst taking them on an aspirational journey to achieve a higher tiered status

  • Create specific rewards for higher tier levels within your program to increase appeal and exclusivity

  • Build an emotional connection with your customers by offering value across every touchpoint

Deliver tiered & VIP customer incentives

Benefits for your brand and your people

Deliver personalised & segmented content

Target customer cohorts with relevant communications and specific incentive options

Create brand advocates

Make experiences with your brand more memorable and convert shoppers into advocates

Value added experience

Incentivise your customers for transactions and behaviours made with your brand

Surprise & Delight

Promote incentives and campaigns to customers when they least expect it

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