Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

Promote improved health and wellness with a solution that rewards customers for their healthy behaviours

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Offer practical, achievable and effective support that helps your customers improve their health from all angles

Deliver personalised education and resources in one central ecosystem and promote the overall wellbeing of every customer across your organisation

Assess wellness

Invite customers to complete a wellness assessment

Reward achievements

Keep customers motivated with on-going rewards and benefits

Monitor progress

Encourage improved health through interactive content

Wellness assessment & scoring

Your customers can take their first step towards a healthier life by completing our fun and simple wellness assessment. Developed by leading industry experts, the assessment covers a range of questions relating to the users wellbeing and lifestyle, which in turn creates a personalised health profile along with the ability to create and set goals.

  • Physical health

  • Mindfulness

  • Diet & lifestyle

  • Fitness & wellbeing

Interactive content & library

We have specially curated hundreds of on-demand fitness videos, ranging from low to high intensity work outs including Meditation, Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, Cardio plus much more. Our videos can be accessed from anywhere, on any device, empowering your customers to workout when it’s most convenient for them. In addition to our interactive video content, we have partnered with industry leaders to deliver healthy bites and recipes, with access to a lifestyle library containing wellness blogs & articles for all.

  • Focus on financial, emotional and physical health

  • Content for all ages and fitness levels

  • Dynamic and personalised recommendations for every customer

Interactive content & library

Wellbeing rewards & health marketplace

From smart devices and wearables, through to workout equipment and apparel, our rewards range is extensive and can be leveraged to incentivise customer improvement, participation and achievement within our wellbeing platform.

  • Instant rewards fulfillment and delivery

  • Incentives that cater to any budget

  • Customisable benefits catalogue including gift cards, physical products, cashback and tickets


Benefits for your brand and your people

Personalise the experience

Make personalised recommendations for each customer based on their results

Reward healthy behaviours

Incentivise & reward healthy choices with Gift Cards, products and vouchers

Inspire your customers

Leverage insights from the platform to better understand your customer’s health

Deliver dynamic content

Provide access to content including recipes, blogs, videos and challenges

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