Open Banking

Open Banking

Get access to accurate and timely banking data to deliver personalised consumer experiences with better decisioning

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Provide smarter financial services & engaging new experiences with Open Banking

Leverage customer-consented financial data and powerful APIs to uncover valuable business insights to better service your customer’s needs

Protect consumer privacy and stay compliant

Access and leverage CDR (Consumer Data Right) in alignment with industry rules and standards

Secure API framework and connectivity

Leverage an API driven framework for consent, integrations, infrastructure and data-driven recommendations

Data rich insights via live reporting dashboard

Turn Open Banking data into meaningful insights including end-to-end data categorisation and merchant identification

Extend the reach of your business and drive better decisioning

Advances in technology and actionable real-time data are driving businesses to operate faster and smarter, yet, financial services are often bound by legacy practices and technologies, until now…

Open Banking is powering the next generation of personalised, financial services by empowering consumers to consent to how their personal data is shared, to whom and when.

EonX’s Open Banking solution enables businesses to access this consumer data via direct API integration, to profile their people, initiate payments, make personalised recommendations and enrich their transactions.

Put customer value at the forefront of your digital banking strategy

Open Banking is helping businesses better meet consumer expectations by aggregating financial data from each individual and then targeting them specifically based on their personal details, purchasing preferences and spending habits.

This puts businesses in a position to make informed product and service recommendations, whilst enabling consumers to accurately track and optimise all of their finances within the one centralised ecosystem.

  • Make customised & relevant product and service recommendations

  • Provide a wholistic consumer view of financial products & services in one location

  • Accurately forecast consumer payments & dishonours

  • Alleviate the need to visit a bank or physical location by offering end-to-end, in-platform financial services

Securely identify, aggregate and categorise consumer transactional data

Collect, categorise and manage transactional data to provide consumers with actionable insights based on their financial situation.

EonX’s Open Banking solution enables businesses to perform automated consent management and CDR data collection, whilst categorising and contextualising financial data, making it simple and understandable for businesses to access and action.

  • Identify consumer income & expenses

  • Group transactions into meaningful categories

  • Identify merchants and service providers

  • Provide a dynamic activity log


Benefits for your brand and your people

Streamline the decision making process

Make faster recommendations when you better understand a customer's financial position

Robust API Integration

Leverage end-to-end Open Banking product data APIs

Plan and mitigate revenue pain points

Accurately forecast late payments, dishonour fees and unauthorised payments

Access real-time reporting

Leverage the admin dashboard to monitor live, consumer financial data

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