Scheme Card Issuing

Scheme Card Issuing

Issue branded, virtual scheme cards on-demand, and control spending with the ability to block, close, change, and limit cards at anytime

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The most effective way to disburse payments, issue virtual cash incentives and manage business expenses

Whether looking to develop new e-commerce opportunities or simplify expense management, your business can easily generate single or multi-use virtual cards with end-to-end control over spending rules, locations and limits

Issue on demand

Design fully branded debit cards for instant issuing to your business’ customers or employees

Maintain full control

Manage security in one place, including card lock/unlock, cardholder permissions, spend limits and geo-location data

Access live data

Monitor real-time transactions and oversee user spend data with an easy to access dashboard

Leverage next generation scheme card issuing, to deliver branded loyalty and value

With full control over virtual card rules, budgets and limits, your business can stay on top of expenses whilst providing users with a frictionless payments experience. Virtual cards can be accessed from any mobile device and digital wallet, enabling secure and instant access to funds whether transacting in-store or online. EonX’s virtual card issuing services provide businesses with the ability to;

  • Issue, pause or cancel cards

  • Set individual or cohort based budgets and limits

  • Authorise or decline transactions

  • Access a real-time transaction feed

Deliver pre-loaded virtual cards as customer incentives or gifts

Issue branded virtual scheme cards on-demand and empower your customers with choice when it comes to spend or redemption. Whether for short term incentives, or long term campaigns, issuing branded virtual cards to customers means that you have can offer convenient and efficient gifting options, whilst maintaining full control over branding, spend limits and redemption locations.

  • Fully branded and customisable

  • Open or closed loop issuing

  • Leverage for product sales, gifting or campaign management

  • Access a real time transaction feed

Control employee spending with end-to-end corporate card issuing and management

Implement a branded virtual corporate card to better manage employee budgets, control company spending and automate team expense reporting. EonX’s corporate cards empower businesses to reduce risky and wasteful spending, and enable better management of working capital and team expenditure.

  • Use cards for employee benefits or for expense management

  • Create specific spend rules per cohort or team

  • Allow only eligible employees to fund company goods or services


Benefits for your brand and your people

Enable seamless transactions and control spend

Maintain full control of your business budget with the ability to embed your own limits and rules

Enterprise-grade security with in-built fraud protection

Extended payment protection with 3DS to prevent unauthorised transactions on your virtual cards

Dynamic spend controls

Set program wide or individualised spend controls to ensure that users do not exceed their limits

Ease of reconciliation

Assign cards to a specific person, a specific department or even a specific expense code for streamlined reconciliation

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