Communications & Newsfeed

Communications & Newsfeed

Transform the way your business communicates with its employees through a solution that unifies company news, instant messaging and secure file exchange

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Centralise company communications to better connect with your employees

Deliver a high-impact communications solution that will better engage your employees, improve workplace productivity and offer working flexibility from any location

Create and publish content which will inspire engagement

Share and exchange news, feedback and files within the one central location

Deliver more targeted and relevant messaging

Strategically target teams, departments or individuals with personalised communications

Connect and communicate from any location on any device

Instantly reach front-line or remote employees with Newsfeed and Live-chat

Keep employees connected and informed with Newsfeed

From big announcements to small success stories, our internal communications feed ensures all levels of your organisation feel socially connected and aligned to other departments and colleagues. Our social and interactive live feed boosts engagement and participation rates, resulting in a more engaged and positive workplace culture.

  • Responsive and interactive Newsfeed

  • Create Groups and Events to connect with colleagues

  • Share success stories with Posts, Awards, Polls, Comments and Likes

  • Celebrate milestones and events like birthdays and anniversaries

  • Create and manage a company Events calendar

Connect your workforce through Live-chat

Encourage one-to-one or group conversations with Live-chat functionality that connects employees of all roles, locations and functions.

  • Instant collaboration within and between teams

  • Simplified and instant file sharing

  • Desktop and Mobile accessibility

Connect your workforce through Live-chat

Benefits for your brand and your people

Exchange news and files more securely

Use secure transfer to share and exchange files, images, videos and more at the click of a button

By-pass email for 100% readership

Avoid email overload without distracting employees when you post directly to the company Newsfeed

Celebrate recognition moments company-wide

Celebrate achievements and moments of recognition by sharing them to the Newsfeed

Interact using ‘Likes’ and ‘Comments’

Give employees a social media-like experience with a Newsfeed that lets them scroll, Like and Comment on posts

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