Experiences & Competitions

Experiences & Competitions

Access exclusive experiences you thought were never possible and drive your customers closer to loving your brand

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Build emotional connections with customers and deliver experiences that money can't buy

Create strong customer impressions that last and leverage exclusive content that drives loyalty and inspirational engagement

Enrich customer strategy

Hyper personalised initiatives for greater impact and connectivity

Grow customer value

Align content to Customer Value Management (CVM) strategy

Leverage insights & analytics

Leverage data insights to drive desired outcomes and behaviours

Access exclusive experiences that engage and aspire

With over 25 years of experience in entertainment and 100M+ customers engaged globally, EonX is at the forefront of delivering dynamic customer experience initiatives for brands looking to create aspirational experience packages that align with customer passion points.

  • Money Can’t Buy

  • Surprise & Delight

  • Bucket List

  • Competitions

  • Pre-sales

Power incentives and promotions backed by the biggest names in entertainment

Our ‘value-centric' platform is build on the premise that our distribution partners and channel clients can mutually benefit from experiences, presales, competitions and ultra-personalised content that deliver the ultimate experience in customer engagement. EonX proudly powers experiences to leading industries spanning across retail, QSR, financial services, utilities, telecoms, sports, member and professional associations.

  • Deliver more impactful rewards

  • Focus on personalisation and aspiration

  • Improve customer engagement

  • Increase brand equity

Power incentives and promotions backed by the biggest names in entertainment

Benefits for your brand and your people

Accelerate loyalty & customer value

Transcend beyond traditional rewards for greater impact

Omni-channel execution

Amplify customer engagement initiatives for wider reach

Personalise experiences across all channels

Create aspirational experiences that align with audience passion points

Partner with best in class content

Align your brand with the biggest names across lifestyle, sports and entertainment

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