Virtual Vault

Virtual Vault

Give your people the power to securely store their personal credentials from photo IDs, payment methods, loyalty & stored value cards, gift cards and more

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Store, tokenise and manage personal information and sensitive credentials in one secure central repository

Eliminate the need for a physical wallet when you provide your people with centralised access to their daily financial and behavioural assets

Store personal identifications and credentials

Create a trusted profile with personal details and government issued photo IDs

Tokenise preferred payment methods and bank accounts

Seamlessly access your credit/debit cards & bank accounts for instant use

Manage ePurchases, loyalty cards and memberships

Access all of your digital purchases, stored value cards & memberships

Trusted environment for centralised digital credentials

The EonX Virtual Vault enables one-click access to a new generation of eServices with the provision of a centralised repository for digital identity and secure storage. Built on bank-grade PCI-DSS security, consumers can digitise a comprehensive array of physical credentials and documents, whilst securing themselves for all future transactions. Whether accessing your drivers license, passport or healthcare card, the Virtual Vault offers pure security, convenience and efficiency, without ever having to compromise on consumer privacy rights privacy and control.

Securing the future of digital payments

The Virtual Vault offers unparalleled security and flexibility when storing tokenised payment methods including Credit, Debit, Bank Accounts and QR. It includes passcodes and biometric authentication such as fingerprints or facial recognition to securely store and tokenise each payment method, before enabling seamless transacting capabilities either online or in-store. Furthermore, the Virtual Vault enables a personalised token credential to be attributed to an individual consumer for real-time PayID attributions across open loop and closed loop payment networks.

Manage loyalty & membership cards for instant redemption

The Virtual Vault allows for the management of branded stored value cards, retail gift cards, vouchers and memberships from leading brands and service providers. With the ability to scan-in credentials, or create bespoke card products through our dynamic modulator, consumers can instantly engage and transact with your business leveraging leading QR, NFC and Barcode technology. EonX empowers your business to drive growth and remain relevant in a market where shopping habits are fast evolving and consumers are demanding instant satisfaction and uninterrupted access to loyalty, rewards and personalised promotions.


Benefits to your brand and your people

Accessible from any device

Instant secure access available from any smart phone, PC or tablet

Simple set up process

Simplified profile management with the ability to add personal details, payments and cards in minutes

Digitise any physical card or ID

Freely add digital copies of any physical loyalty card, membership and photo ID

Contactless mobile payments

Transact in-store at any merchant using tap and go functionality or QR Connect

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