Performance Incentives

Performance Incentives

Boost employee productivity and engagement with individualised, frequent and timely performance incentives

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Invest in the success of your people and incentivise performance to drive results

Implement an incentive solution that motivates your employees to achieve set goals, complete tasks and hit performance metrics

Attract and reward talent

Create a powerful EVP that includes incentives for high achievers

Recognise and encourage performance

Highlight top performers and create leaderboards for excitement

Increase motivation and productivity

Incentivise your employees for every achievement to encourage repeat performance

Monetary incentives & eWallet cash to drive value and appreciation

Provide your employees with instant monetary incentives through the issuance of eWallet cash directly into your company's branded digital wallet. This will give your employees the power of choice when looking to redeem company rewards and benefits. With the ability to scour the rewards marketplace for offers that appeal to each individual, each employee can transact with their preferred retailers at their own leisure.

Company specific incentives with relevance and high impact

Issue incentives around measurable business objectives and reward employees as they meet their targets. Your business has the ability create and deliver customised work perks which can be personalised to your people and specific to your own cost centre. Whether the incentives are of tangible value or emotionally driven experiences, our flexible solutions enable company specific incentives to be implemented which recognise employees for their achievements.

Add value through a marketplace of possibilities

Rewards & Perks can be delivered as incentives to employees for the successful completion of tasks, achieving their KPI’s or for engaging with company content. Once employees have met a pre-set criteria, be it their individual KPI’s or team goals, they will automatically receive a reward or perk from the business. Rewards can be leveraged from our rewards marketplace which include gift cards, tickets or physical products, plus the ability to issue company specific work perks which can include any business orientated initiative such as an extended lunch break, a free carspot, or a mentoring session with the CEO.


Benefits for your brand and your people

Set incentive rules

Incentivise individuals or teams for personal or group achievements

Access live data & analytics

Monitor employee performance via your very own admin dashboard

Manage spending

Control department budgets with spending limits for employee incentives

Retain high performers

Keep your high performing employees motivated with incentives for their hard work

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