How to Use Personalisation to Grow & Engage Your Audience

Feb 16, 2021

How to Use Personalisation to Grow & Engage Your Audience

Personalisation is key

When looking to engage with relevance, personalisation is key. Personalisation is used to create immersive, tailored experiences for set audiences, whilst promoting company goals and values.
Boosting brand loyalty and increasing customer engagement comes down to how well you can grow and engage your audience. Companies that understand the importance of creating personalised and authentic experiences which trigger feelings of positivity for their customers, are more likely to earn repeat business and trust in their brands.
So how can companies leverage personalisation to achieve these goals? Easy, understand the real value in personalising an experience, select the brand messaging you want to portray and then create a gamified environment that can facilitate it.

Why personalisation matters

Customer experience is quickly becoming a key brand differentiator, replacing the importance of price and product placement. According to a survey conducted by Gartner, Inc., 75 per cent of organisations have redirected investments toward customer experience innovations. Furthermore, 45 per cent of organisations queried indicated that personalisation was a key component of improving the customer experience.
Effective personalisation when marketing a brand’s identity involves delivering branded messaging authentically. Customers are smart. They know when they are being manipulated. A company’s brand identity needs to span marketing, sales, and customer service to help customers feel appreciated and valued.
Personalisation makes marketing and brand identity more successful for several reasons.

1. Target specific audiences

One of the main benefits of personalisation is its ability to reach specific audiences. Organisations that collect user data can create more valuable email campaigns by crafting marketing copy that plays to the target audience’s interests and buying habits.

2. Stand out from the crowd

Personalisation helps create better content that allows your brand to stand out in a crowd. Simple yet brilliant marketing strategies can produce a significant return on investment. A recent example of a personalised campaign that produced company growth was Coca-Cola’s ‘Share A Coke’ campaign. Printing common names on their product packaging allowed the company to enjoy a 2 per cent increase in soft-drink sales and made #shareacoke a number one global trending topic on social media.

3. Build deeper connections

Customers who feel like they know their favourite brands feel a sense of connection and loyalty to it and are willing to share their experiences with others. Show customers they are more than just a number by sending birthday emails/promotions or a ‘thank you’ on the anniversary of the date they joined your mailing list or first became a customer.

Effectiveness of personalised gamification

Gamification is an engagement trend that uses the concept of including gaming mechanics into non-gaming environments. The technique plays on people’s natural desire to be recognised and rewarded for accomplishments or actions.
Businesses can leverage Gamification mechanics by setting specific rules and triggers that drive personalised user behaviours to meet company values or goals. For example, a rule may be set so that when a user has a birthday, it triggers an action that delivers a message such as, “Happy Birthday Sonia, enjoy a bonus +200 points”. This creates a personalised experience, allowing the user to feel special and as though they are “winning”.
These rules and triggers can be personalised for each member, customer or employee so they are incentivised to interact or transact, increasing brand loyalty and user engagement.
Gamification based rules, triggers and incentives should be personalised to each individual user or groups of user segments. Here are some examples of simple yet effective gamification techniques we recommend…
- Make incentives competitive. Encourage users to outdo one another to earn points or badges on the leaderboard. - Create an elite club. Reward top tier customers or members with special VIP perks. - Reward brand ambassadors who frequently review or share information about your brand with special incentives to show your company values their loyalty. - Consider more than just transactional rewards. Incentivise users for their behaviours and interaction with your brand i.e. Liking a post on social media, attending an event or referring a friend. - Leverage the Surprise & Delight technique, and randomly reward customers who are dedicated to engaging with your brand regularly. For instance, give a free product or service to the customer who transacts on your website multiple days in a row, or to the new visitor to your website who signs up for the email list.

Revolutionise user experiences with EonX

Businesses interested in better engaging and rewarding their members, customers, and employees can look no further than EonX’s loyalty and engagement platforms. All API-driven, these platforms have been designed to influence the user journey and personalise every user touch point and experience.
Personalised experiences inspire members, customers, or employees to continue to excel and engage with your brand, creating a happier and more loyal team of brand advocates.
Contact us today to learn more about how our team of experts can help your business leverage the power of personalisation.

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