Improving communications to motivate your remote workforce

Apr 29, 2021

Improving communications to motivate your remote workforce

Remote working has become a staple in many people's lives over the last 12 months. With a global pandemic and many of us thrown into working from home or remote working, there has been a lot to get used to. While there are many advantages to working remotely — like no commuting, more flexible hours, and more time with family — it comes with its difficulties too.
Whether your team has always worked remotely, or the pandemic has meant an overhaul in working conditions, there are many factors that are lost when there is no physical presence: everyday conversation, face-to-face interaction and discussions about projects, camaraderie, getting to know people, and overall morale. Even those who prefer to work independently may miss out on those little moments in the day and feel less motivated and connected to their company.
At EonX, we are all about supporting and connecting employees through integrated platforms that work for you and your business. Our Reward & Recognition platform is geared towards remote-working teams, with a range of communication tools to boost company morale and improve communication within the team. Here are just a few of its features that can improve communication and motivation with your remote workforce.

Live Chat

Although everyday work and non-work chat can seem like an insignificant part of the workday, these little conversations are part of what build connections and camaraderie among your team members. Our Live Chat function provides a space for employees to log on and catch up, chat about projects, chat about the weekend, and maintain the usual in-office atmosphere. Share files, photos, emojis, and GIFs within the main group and create one-on-one private chats — or project-specific groups for more focused dialogue.
The Live Chat function works within the Reward & Recognition platform without the need for third-party software, meaning your colleagues can chat with each other and maintain a team feeling while at home, reinstating a reliable factor of in-office working.


Keep up to date with goings-on and eliminate useless meetings, memos, and emails with our Newsfeed function, where employees can share everything from big announcements to small success stories. Post, react, and engage with shared thoughts and achievements from colleagues and managers in real time in a space where you can streamline and simplify news.
While the Live Chat function allows for everyday conversation, the Newsfeed is purely for announcements, no matter how big or small. You also have the ability to nominate colleagues for awards and engage in Q&A forums for quick and easy delivery of news and opinions.

Events Calendar

Remote working still comes with its fair share of meetings, and the company-wide Events Calendar reduces the back and forth of emails to organise meetings with a simple and accessible calendar function. Our Rec Room platform allows you to schedule meetings, conferences, and even social gatherings that your colleagues are able to browse and attend.
Create a private meeting and invite a select group, or post a public meeting that is free to attend, and browse within the Events Calendar to see what others are hosting. The visual layout makes posting and attending meetings much more simple and accessible, with less organising going on, more freedom, and an increased sense of community within the workforce.
The Reward & Recognition platform has many more functions and features that can motivate and inspire your remote workforce, from peer-to-peer nominations and awards to personalised work perks, points, and tier systems. Make your remote workforce a connected team with a streamlined communication platform that works for you.
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